Is Jones a good snowboard brand?

Is Jones a good snowboard brand?

In terms of branding, consistency, and alignment Jones snowboards is one of the best branded companies on this list. Its set up is comparable to Apple, with Jeremy Jones being the Steve Jobs of Jones snowboards. He is a pioneer and visionary in his field that embodies all that the brand is.

Who is Jones Snowboards owned by?

Jeremy Jones
Jeremy Jones (freerider)

Jeremy Jones
Occupation Snowboarder, Founder and CEO of Jones Snowboards
Known for Snowboarding, Snowboard Manufacturing
Spouse(s) Tiffany Jones
Children 2

Where is Jones snowboard made?

Jones Snowboards are produced in the GST factory in Antiesenhofen, Austria, which is a snowboard-only production facility, that is highly ranked for its sustainable production. 95% of the used materials are sourced within 500 km of the factory which ensures a small environmental footprint.

What bindings does Jeremy Jones ride?

From the first day Jeremy Jones rode NOW SkateTech bindings he was convinced of their unmatched performance. Here’s why Jeremy thinks NOW SkateTech is so revolutionary: “When I started snowboarding we were drilling our boards and bolting down our bindings at the edge of the board.

Is Jones a good board?

It’s a little too directional and long but it can work in there. All in all year in and year out the Jones flagship is a fast aggressive and pretty forgiving board for it’s flex. If you live for going fast on morning groomers, super steep terrain on powder days and a great freeride board.

Is capital a good snowboard brand?

CAPiTA Snowboarding Top-quality materials, quirky graphics, supreme craftsmanship, and versatility combine to make CAPiTA one of the top snowboard brands in the world.

Where are Sims snowboards made?

Check out SIMS website for all the details on their snowboards, all SIMS snowboards are made in the U.S.A at the Never Summer Industries factory in Denver, CO.

Where are symbolic snowboards made?

I can tell you from personal experience that both Sims and Lamar put a lot of time into making sure the boards and gear are quality. We’re based in Colorado, our product guys can be seen on the hill every week in season, and we listen to what our team says in regards to board design and quality.

Is Chamonix a good snowboard company?

While other snowboard brands are more expensive, this one is not. Those who enjoy snowboarding but don’t have a high-end budget can still get an amazing board with the Chamonix brand. Therefore, yes, it is a good snowboard, and there are many options from which to choose.

What are Jones Snowboards made of?

Jones’ Surf Series models are designed for playful slashing so they are made with softer wood cores and lighter weight fiberglass. And our Ultra Series models, which are built for high speed performance, are made with stiffer cores and our most advanced dampening materials.

Where are Burton Snowboards made?

In 2010, Burton announced that Burton Snowboards would cease manufacturing in Vermont and move production to Austria.