Is Jonathan McReynolds a pastor?

Is Jonathan McReynolds a pastor?

Jonathan Jamel H. McReynolds will be formally installed on Sunday as the new pastor of Aenon Missionary Baptist Church, 175 Genesee St. He succeeds the Rev. James L.

What does Jonathan McReynolds teach?

Along with his singing career, McReynolds, who grew up between South Shore and South Chicago, continues to release content (three full-length studio albums and one EP), teach gospel band at his alma mater, Columbia College, and run his nonprofit organization, Elihu Nation.

How old is Jonathan McReynolds?

32 years (September 17, 1989)Jonathan McReynolds / Age

How do I contact Jonathan McReynolds?

Fill out a booking request form for Jonathan McReynolds, or call our office at 1.800. 698.2536 to discuss your upcoming event.

What genre is Jonathan McReynolds?

GospelJonathan McReynolds / Genre

Is Mali Music Jamaican?

Phoenix, Arizona, U.S. Savannah, Georgia, U.S. Kortney Jamaal Pollard (born January 12, 1988), who performs under the stage name Mali Music, is an American recording artist, singer-songwriter and producer.

Who made the song God is?

James ClevelandGod Is / ArtistJames Edward Cleveland was an American gospel singer, musician, and composer. Known as the King of Gospel, Cleveland was a driving force behind the creation of the modern gospel sound by incorporating traditional black gospel, soul, pop, and jazz in arrangements for mass choirs. Wikipedia

Where was Jonathan McReynolds born?

Chicago, ILJonathan McReynolds / Place of birth

What school did Jonathan McReynolds go to?

Columbia College Chicago2011
Whitney Young Magnet High School
Jonathan McReynolds/Education

Where did Jonathan McReynolds go to college?

Jonathan McReynolds/Education

Somehow, between touring, recording and TV appearances, Jonathan has taught for five years at his alma mater Columbia College Chicago in the music department.

Who is Jonathan McReynolds signed to?

MNRK Music Group
Light Records
Jonathan McReynolds/Record labels