Is Hoop Dreams based on a true story?

Is Hoop Dreams based on a true story?

Adapted from the award-winning film, the true story of two boys from inner-city Chicago with a gift for basketball follows their struggle to turn high school stardom into college scholarships and pro careers and to escape the ghetto.

Who is Hoop Dreams based on?

It follows the story of two African-American high school students, William Gates and Arthur Agee, in Chicago and their dream of becoming professional basketball players….

Hoop Dreams
Distributed by Fine Line Features
Release date October 14, 1994 (United States)
Running time 170 minutes
Country United States

What happened to Hoop Dreams?

Gates, who is now 49, went on to get his Bible degree and served as a pastor at a community center in the Cabrini Green neighborhood in which he grew up until 2012, at which point he moved his family to San Antonio, where he coaches AAU ball — his squad is fittingly known as Team Hoop Dreams — and all three of his sons …

How long was Hoop Dreams filmed?

2h 50mHoop Dreams / Running time

How old is Arthur Agee?

49 years (October 22, 1972)Arthur Agee / Age

Where is Arthur Agee today?

Agee created his own clothing line based on the ‘Hoop Dreams’ documentary, with his clothes bearing the slogan “Control Your Destiny.” The former NBA hopeful still lives in the Chicago area and works as a motivational speaker as well as founding the Arthur Agee Foundation.

What is Arthur Agee doing now?

Where is Arthur Agee at now?

Chicago area
Agee now has five children and still lives in the Chicago area. He started the Arthur Agee Jr foundation and works as a motivational speaker for inner-city youth.

When did Hoop Dreams start filming?

In 1994 Steve James wanted to tell the story of two African-American high school students as they desperately tried to make it in the world of professional basketball. The story was shot over five years in Chicago as the two young men tried to make their dreams a reality.

How tall is Arthur Agee?

6′ 2″Arthur Agee / Height

Did Arthur Agee go to college?

Arkansas State UniversityArthur Agee / College

What ever happened to Arthur Agee?