Is Chinguacousy Park Open 2021?

Is Chinguacousy Park Open 2021?

COVID-19 UPDATE. ​Along with all City parks, Chinguacousy Park is open for day use on a limited basis.

What can you do at Chinguacousy Park?

Chinguacousy Park offers outdoor entertainment for all seasons for all ages, and is the Best Park in Brampton. In the spring/summer there are multiple playgrounds, water activities, a petting zoo,a train ride, skate park, a tropical garden to explore and much more.

Is Chinguacousy Park Splash park open?

Hours of Operation: The wading pool at Chinguacousy Park is closed for the season.

How much is tubing at Chinguacousy Park?

​Tube Hill Fees*

Service Fee
6 rides $14.55
12 rides $22.05
18 rides $29.05

Is BBQ allowed at Chinguacousy Park?

After visiting Chinguacousy Park last week, I was amazed by how many people had barbecues in and around the playground and splash pad area. Even though propane barbecues are allowed in the park, there should be a designated area within the park for barbecues and large picnics in general.

How do I book Chinguacousy Park?

Chinguacousy Park Rentals including tennis and curling bookings – Call 905-458-6555.

Is BBQ allowed in Chinguacousy Park?

How tall is chinguacousy Hill?

about 21 metres
Mount Chinguacousy It is about 21 metres (69 ft) high, with its longest run 188 m (617 ft). It has snow-making facilities and night skiing, and is the only ski hill in Brampton.

Does Glen Eden have tubing?

Glen Eden Snow Tubing is one of the closest tube parks to Toronto, and probably the one with the mildest slopes. Not that you could not gain some speed on these slopes if you chose. On a good night, the staff has seen people flying by at 80 km/h on radar!

Are dogs allowed at Chinguacousy Park?

Yes, but only on a leash. Always be prepared to pick up after your dog.

What does chinguacousy mean?

Land of the Tall Pines
The word “Chinguacousy” means, “Land of the Tall Pines.” Watch for the signs with three pine trees, which is used on all signage to identify the trail.

Are dogs allowed in Chinguacousy Park?

Yes, but only on a leash. Always be prepared to pick up after your dog. Be a good and responsible dog owner.