Is BioReference Lab legit?

Is BioReference Lab legit?

With a national footprint and niche market experience, BioReference provides credible and innovative solutions that meet the needs of employers, governmental agencies, educational systems, hospitals and health systems, correctional institutions, sports leagues, travel and leisure industries, and retail markets.

Why did I get a check from BioReference laboratories?

Why did I receive this bill? The invoice you received is for laboratory services provided by BioReference, which were ordered by your physician. This invoice is for laboratory testing fees only and is separate from any bill you may have received from your physician and/or paid at your physician’s office.

How many locations does BioReference have?

The company is in-network with the largest health plans in the United States, serves approximately 19 million patients annually, operates a network of 10 laboratory locations, and is backed by a medical staff of more than 300 M.D., D.O., Ph.

Is BioReference a real company?

Bio Reference is a good company to work for. They are professional and they listen to your needs.

How many employees does BioReference have?

Our Company BioReference is the largest full service specialty laboratory offering a comprehensive list of laboratory services. With specialized divisions, 11 laboratory locations, over 200 Patient Service Centers and more than 4,000 employees nationwide, BioReference is a preferred choice for laboratory personnel.

When did opko buy BioReference?

IN NOVEMBER 19, 2012, Opko Healthcare announced an agreement to acquire rost-Data, Inc., the owner of OURLab (also known as Oppenheimer Urologic Reference Laboratory).

Does opko own BioReference?

BioReference Laboratories is a wholly owned subsidiary of OPKO Health, Inc. OPKO Health is a diversified healthcare company that seeks to establish industry leading positions in large, rapidly growing markets.

Does BioReference have an app?

View your BioReference test results in the Apple Health app on iPhone* or CommonHealth app on Android devices. It’s easy to view your laboratory test results in the same place as your other important health information.

When did Opk go public?

The Company expects its common stock will begin trading on the NASDAQ Global Select Market (“NASDAQ”) on June 24, 2016, and its shares will continue to trade under the ticker symbol “OPK.”