How to set up Alexa?

How to set up Alexa?

If you recently bought yourself an echo device, you might surely be very excited to see how it works and enjoy its benefits. Every Amazon echo device is enables with Alexa; Alexa is a virtual assistant that basically responds to your voice commands.

The commands may include playing you music, reading you your favorite audio book, checking the weather forecast, news updates and a pool of other stuff. It all comes down to the how many additional useful skills you have added to it.

You can also control many smart home gadgets that support Alexa like lights, thermostats, switches, air-conditioners and more.

To learn how to reap the benefits of Alexa, continue reading.

In order to set up Alexa, you need to follow a few simple steps:

Step 1: Download the free Alexa app

If you are an owner of an Amazon echo device, you need to have the free Alexa app. The app helps to set up your echo device. You can download it on your Smartphone or tablet and simply search for the Alexa app in the app store that comes in your device. Your device must be iOS 11.0 or higher, Android 5.1 or higher, or Fire OS 5.3.3 or higher.

You can also download the app in your PC by connecting your device to wifi and then opening the website to download alexa app.

Step 2: Plug in the echo device

The simplest step in the process of setting up Alexa is plugging in the echo device. Simply attach the power adaptor into the echo and connect it to a power outlet.

The light ring on the echo will turn blue once the power is connected. When it turns orange, it indicated that Alexa is preparing to greet you and you will soon hear Alexa’s voice telling you that the device is ready for set up.

Step 3: Connect the echo to wifi

You will now have to connect the echo device to your wifi network. If you get stuck, simple launch the Alexa app and search for available networks.

To get started with Alexa’s functioning, say the word i.e. Alexa. You can also change the wake word if you already have another echo device that responds to Alexa, just simply tell the echo, “Alexa, change the wake word.”

Now again, you can also change the wake word manually by using the app.

Step 4: You can now start using your echo

Your Amazon echo device is all set up for use; you can utilize it to make your day to day life easy. To make sure that all the functions are intact, just test the device by making a few basic instructions.

You can do that by saying the wake word and if your echo device is set up properly, Alexa will respond to it immediately.

Echo device is much more than just a greeting device, you can explore various features of Alexa by checking the ‘skills and games and things to try’ by choosing the Alexa app menu in the app.

So, challenge your creative side and use your newly set-up echo to add a dash of convenience to your life.