How to Keep Your Employees Calm During a Hurricane

Due to their life-threatening nature and potential, it’s natural for hurricanes to generate a certain amount of anxiety and fear amongst individuals as it’s not only about the destruction they can cause but also, severe weather events such as these can often have a serious financial impact on someone or a business.

If your offices are made to close, will they reopen? And if so, when? What is your staff to expect in the meantime? Not only does not having this type of information generate anxiety but it will prevent your business from functioning optimally.

The strategy you should rely on the successfully encourage your employees to remain calm during such a weather ailment should have these notions incorporate:

  1. A solid game plan that is, a plan which can be understood by all staff
  2. Backing so, a level of comprehension and empathy towards the effects generated but such events
  3. Finally, a sense of safety, your staff should feel protected and ready to face what is to come

Have a pan of action.

As mentioned above, whether it’s in the form of seminars, a full-on training session or just a brief email memo it’s important to have a plan. This plan should be comprehensive, highlighting all important factors such as safety locations, the presence of all evacuation routes, safety guidelines to follow as well as useful equipment location and important contact information.

Having a better grasp of what a hurricane represents and how to deal with it will help your staff better apprehend such a threat with clam and confidence. Remember, having a full plan includes having a “post disaster plan” as well.

Pay attention to your employee’s concerns.

Work life balance along with workplace atmosphere have proven to be important factors when it comes too better performance so, show your employees you have them covered.

  • Provide them with an evacuation plan
  • Direct employees or give them access to resources they may need to deal with the repercussions of the hurricane such as health services, therapy etc.
  • Have a dedicated member of staff or team present to answer any and all questions and concerns

Call on the right tools & equipment.

Knowing you’re fully equipped to manage the hurricane will give everyone peace of mind. Whether it’s through technology such as outdoor warning systems, mass notification systems etc. or, personnel, invest in or utilize equipment capable of being aware of the situation at all times and determine whether or not there is a problem. This will help your staff feel protected from danger.

Furthermore, acquire means to secure any structure which may be susceptible to collapsing or causing damage to individuals or property.

At the end of the day

Your employee’s calm will be based on the effective communication and the readiness to face all the uncertainty attached to events such as hurricanes before, during and, after.