How to enable folder redirection in Citrix?

How to enable folder redirection in Citrix?

Navigate to User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Citrix Components > Profile Management > Folder Redirection and then select the folder you want to redirect. Enable the Redirect the folder policy and then type the redirected path. Do not add redirected folders as exclusions.

What is Citrix folder redirection?

Description. Known folder redirection is a new feature for Citrix Files for Windows. It provides a method for integrating Citrix Files with the existing folder redirection feature in Windows operating systems.

How do I setup a roaming profile in Citrix?

To configure folder redirection:

  1. Create a network share to contain the redirected user folders:
  2. Give Full Control permission to everyone for the network share.
  3. Enable Folder Redirection.
  4. Redirect the Application Data folder.
  5. Redirect the Desktop folder.
  6. Redirect the My Documents folder.
  7. Redirect the Start Menu folder.

How do I access OneDrive in Citrix?

1. In order to access OneDrive through Citrix on a personal computer, you need to make sure the OneDrive client is installed on your computer. If it is installed, you will see a blue cloud in the taskbar (bottom-right). OneDrive client comes with Windows 10 but you might not see it on the taskbar.

How do I access my local drive in Citrix?

Local resource and file access on Citrix Receiver for Windows

  1. Login to your Citrix VDI from Citrix receiver.
  2. Click on the drop down option at the top of Citrix receiver screen.
  3. Click on Preferences.
  4. Click on File Access Select the option “Ask me each time” to access file on local computer from your Virtual Desktop.

How do I restrict client drive mapping in Citrix?

Disabling Specific Client Drive Mappings for a StoreFront Site

  1. Navigate to C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\StoreName\App_Data.
  2. Open default.
  3. Under the section [WFClient] add DisableDrives=DriveLetter.
  4. All ICA sessions launched from the corresponding Web Interface Browser Site has the specified Client Drive disabled.

How do I make a folder redirect?

  1. Open the Group Policy Manager.
  2. Create a new GPO or edit an existing one.
  3. Open User Configuration > Policies > Windows Settings > Folder Redirection.
  4. Right-click Documents and click Properties.
  5. Choose Basic – Redirect everyone’s folder to the same location.

What is UPM in Citrix?

The User Profile Management feature provides central management for employee-specific data and settings stored in profiles. The goal of User Profile Management is to speed up the desktop logon and logoff process on XenDesktop and XenApp.

How do I redirect Appdata local folder?

There is no native way to redirect this folder or include it in roaming profiles. Both mechanisms are created to prevent this specific configuration since this folder is designed for storage of components that shouldn’t be redirected or roam.

What is a Citrix profile?

Profile management ensures that the user’s personal settings are applied to the user’s virtual desktop and applications, regardless of the location and end point device.

What is Citrix Browser content redirection?

Browser content redirection controls and optimizes the way Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops deliver any web browser content (for example, HTML5) to users. Only the visible area of the browser where content is displayed is redirected.

How do I redirect content from chrome to Citrix VDA?

To use browser content redirection with Chrome, add the browser content redirection extension from the Chrome Web Store. Click Add to Chrome in the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops environment. The extension is not required on the user’s client machine – only in the VDA.

Does Citrix Workspace App 1912 LTSR support browser content redirection?

Citrix Workspace app 1912 LTSR for Windows as well as all cumulative updates to the Citrix Workspace app 1912 LTSR do not support browser content redirection. Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 1808 or later and XenApp and XenDesktop 7.15 CU5 or later:

What is Browser content redirection authentication sites?

Browser content redirection authentication sites Use this setting to configure a list of URLs. Sites redirected by using browser content redirection use the list to authenticate a user. The setting specifies the URLs for which browser content redirection remains active (redirected) when navigating away from a URL in the allow list.