How old is Kevin Gillespie?

How old is Kevin Gillespie?

39 years (September 30, 1982)Kevin Gillespie / Age

Where is Kevin Gillespie from?

Locust Grove, Georgia
Kevin Gillespie grew up on Sunshine Circle in Locust Grove, Georgia surrounded by his large extended family where he watched his granny, Geneva Gillespie, cook each day.

Who owns Superica Atlanta?

Ford Fry (born June 17, 1969) is an American chef and restaurateur based in Atlanta, Georgia. His team consists of 13 restaurants in Georgia, three restaurants in Houston, two in Charlotte and two in Nashville.

How many times has Kevin Gillespie been on Top Chef?

So far, after 12 episodes, he has largely accomplished that goal — with a surprise elimination episode 8 and a not-so-surprising return episode 11 after winning “Last Chance Kitchen.”

Who won Top Chef Atlanta?

Kevin Gillespie
Atlanta’s Kevin Gillespie is a James Beard Award-nominated chef best known for his performance on Top Chef and his restaurants Woodfire Grill, Gunshow and Revival.

What was Kevin from Top Chef sick with?

renal cancer
I wanted to give people who feel that way some hope.” Kevin, who previously competed in Season 6 of Top Chef, announced that he had been diagnosed with a rare form of renal cancer in May 2018 when he was just 35 years old.

Is Monica Galetti married?

David GalettiMonica Galetti / Spouse (m. 2004)

What was Kevin Gillespie sick with?

In May 2018, Gillespie was diagnosed with a rare form of renal cancer. This was discovered after an unrelated back surgery follow-up in 2017, at which time the MRI displayed an abnormal kidney.

Did Michael Voltaggio win Top Chef?

Voltaggio was the winner of the sixth season of Top Chef, Bravo’s cooking competition reality show, where he competed with his brother, Bryan Voltaggio. The two ended in the finale, alongside Kevin Gillespie, with Michael winning the contest.