How old is Aaron Ivory?

How old is Aaron Ivory?

Ivory is 44 years old as of 2020, she was born on July 25, 1976, in the United States.

Does Erin ivory still work for WGN?

Emmy award winning reporter, Erin Ivory joined WGN-TV in April 2011. After many years waking up early as part of the WGN Morning News team, she has returned to her reporting roots as WGN Evening News features reporter.

How much does Demetrius Ivory make?

Demetrius Ivory Salary WGN News salaries range from an average of $33,774 to $112,519 a year.

Is Demetrius Ivory married?

Erin McElroyDemetrius Ivory / Spouse (m. 2014)

Who is Demetrius Ivory’s wife?

How many kids does Erin McElroy have?

Erin McElroy Demetrius Ivory Wedding As of now, Erin has a happy family of six. She has four children, Joaquin, Lucia, Hardley, and Harlow who are 14, 11, and 3 years of age respectively.

Where did Bronagh Tumulty go?

Brónagh Tumulty joined the WGN News team in July of 2020 as a general assignment reporter.

How much does Lourdes Duarte make?

She lives a truly wealthy life while gaining fame and fortune. It is expected that her only source of income is journalism. Calculated by annual salary, its net assets are US$1 million. With an estimated income of approximately $200,000, she ended up being an investigative reporter and co-host of WGN-TV.

What is Paul Konrad salary?

Konrad earns an approximated salary of $150,000. He earns this via his career as a WGN News anchor/reporter.

What is going on with Erin ivory?

Ivory, a longtime reporter for Chicago’s WGN-TV, was diagnosed with advanced heart failure in February, then had a heart attack. One of her kidneys has lost 90% of its function and her doctors are trying to treat several blood clots throughout her body.

How old is robin on WGN?

Robin Baumgarten Birthday Date 07 November 1963. She was born in South suburban Burbank, Chicago, IL, USA. She is 56 years old (2020).

Where is Tom Skilling today?

Skilling returned to the Chicago area and joined WGN-TV on August 13, 1978. He is currently WGN-TV’s chief meteorologist and is rumored to be the highest-paid local broadcast meteorologist in the United States.