How much is homeschooling in South Africa?

How much is homeschooling in South Africa?

How much does homeschooling cost? Online curriculum programmes and services range in price from a few thousand to over R20 000 a year. Some services include workbooks and software such as Microsoft Office.

How do I register for homeschooling in Western Cape?

The parent must submit the completed form with the following documents:

  1. parent/s certified ID copy,
  2. last copy of a school report (if your child was in school before, but if your child is only starting school now you must attach an immunisation card),
  3. weekly timetable which includes contact time per day,

Is homeschooling free in South Africa?

Is homeschooling free in South Africa? It is not totally free if you want your child to get a high-quality education. The purpose of educating your child at home is to ensure they have a better learning environment, but they have to adhere to SA’s education standards.

Which is the best homeschooling program in South Africa?

Bridgeway in South Africa Bridgeway Academy is the homeschool choice for many students in South Africa!

Can you go to university with Impaq?

Will I be able to go to university if I study through Impaq? Yes. In order to study at university level, you are required to take the correct combination of subjects. Please check the admission requirements of your university of choice to ensure that you take the correct subject combinations.

Is Impaq registered with the Department of Education?

Impaq is registered with SACAI (an examination board registered with Umalusi). Click here to learn more about the FET Phase.

How do I start homeschooling in South Africa?

4 Steps to Start Homeschooling

  1. Step 1 – Join the Pestalozzi Trust. The Pestalozzi Trust is the homeschool legal defence association that defends the rights of home educating families in South Africa.
  2. Step 2 – Notify the School.
  3. Step 3 – Start Deschooling.
  4. Step 4 – Learn More about Starting Homeschooling.

Is Impaq accredited?

Yes, all Gr 10 -12 Impaq learners are registered with the assessment body (examination board), SACAI, which is provisionally accredited by Umalusi. SACAI moderates Impaq’s site-based assessments and marks to ensure that they are of the required standard.

Does Impaq have a matric farewell?

Does Impaq organise a matric farewell? Yes. A glamorous event is held in both Gauteng and the Cape (depending on the number of candidates) each year.

What are Impaq subjects?


  • Afrikaans Huistaal.
  • English Home Language.
  • Afrikaans Eerste Addisionele Taal.
  • English First Additional Language.