How much is food at Virginia Tech?

How much is food at Virginia Tech?

Meal Prices

Flex Full price
Breakfast Flex $3.47 Full price $10.50
Lunch/Brunch Flex $4.71 Full price $14.25
Dinner Flex $5.27 Full price $15.95
Special Dinner Flex $6.44 Full price $19.50

Where can I get breakfast at Virginia Tech?

Turner Place – 1872 Fire Grill

  • Breakfast. 07:00AM – 10:00AM.
  • Lunch/Dinner. 10:30AM – 08:00PM.

How is the food at Virginia Tech?

BLACKSBURG, Va. The site ranks Virginia Tech as the 2019 #1 Best College Food in America. With 47 dining venues in 11 locations across campus, Virginia Tech is consistently recognized as having some of the best campus food in the country.

What restaurants are at Virginia Tech?


622 North 540-951-1022
Mezeh Mediterranean Grill 540-298-6339
Moe’s Southwest Grill 540-552-6220
Panda Express 540-552-0261
Panera Bread 540-951-8650

Do dining dollars roll over VT?

What is the rollover policy for Dining Dollars and Flex Additions? Dining Dollars and Flex Additions will roll from semester to semester until formal separation from the university (graduation, resignation, suspension, etc.).

What is the best dining plan at Virginia Tech?

Best option: the major meal plan. On-campus residents only have access to three dining plans: the major, mega and premium meal plans. All three are effectively the same. Each offers the same benefits: 50 percent off on all dining hall purchases, 67 percent off at D2 and the ability to add money to the account.

How many dining halls Does Virginia Tech have?

47 different venues
With 47 different venues in 11 locations, Virginia Tech’s dining program is consistently ranked atop the nation’s best campus dining experiences.

How do I add money to my Virginia Tech meal plan?

Adding Money to Your Account Deposits on any dining plan can be made online throughout the year at HokieSpa. Information about deposits, balances, and transaction history can also be found at

Is Vt food good?

Overall, the food at Virginia Tech is among the best in the nation, and it is something that students should enjoy because they only have four years to take advantage of it. It is an honor to go to a school with so many food choices that are so delicious.

What dining plan should I get at Virginia Tech?

How do dining dollars work at Virginia Tech?

Dining Dollars work like a debit card and can be used at any of our venues on campus. The plan is available to off-campus students and employees and provides the convenience of being able to eat at our venues between or after classes or work.

Do meal swipes carry over semester UVA?

All “block” style meal plans are valid for the entire academic year and any meal swipes remaining at the end of the Spring semester will not roll over into the next year.