How much is an A parking pass?

How much is an A parking pass?

All vehicles parked on the University must have a valid N.C. A parking permit and be linked to the vehicle….Additional Permits.

Permit Rates Description
Monthly $75 Permit is valid for the month the permit was purchased only

Can freshman have car at A?

GREENSBORO — Incoming freshmen at N.C. A can bring their futons, desk lamps and shower caddies when they come to campus this fall. All students can bring a vehicle to campus their sophomore year, regardless of their grades.

Can freshman have cars at Nccu?

In Fall 2020, campus policies were scheduled to change so that sophomores will be required to live on campus and freshmen will no longer be allowed to bring their cars to campus.

How do I check my NCAT book voucher?

Enter your One ID and Password. Click on Student. Click on Student Account. Click on Book Allowance and Parking Permit Request Page (When you come to the next page it will show the amount of credit you have available to request a book allowance and/or parking permit.

Does A have single rooms?

Single Deluxe/Single Room Rates In the event of any unforeseen circumstances (based on availability ONLY), a single deluxe or single room may be accommodated in the traditional halls. Single Deluxe Room Rate (traditional double converted to a single room): $5,816 per year. Single Room Rate: $4,808 per year.

Does A have single dorms?

These halls are co-ed facilities offering single, double, and private room environment. Additionally, these halls provide easy walks to sporting events in Corbett Sports Center, University Tennis and Basketball Courts.

How do I get a Nccu parking pass?

Visit our website at for more information and to complete an application. You can pick up a GoPass at the transportation office inside the Latham Parking Deck, located at the lower level near the bookstore. Look for the door with GoPass on it.

How much is a parking pass at Nccu?


Reserved $575
Parking Deck $475
Faculty/Staff $475
McDougald-McLendon Gym, 24 hour Reserved Lot $675
Temporary Employees $50 per month/$240 per semester

What are flex dollars NCAT?

FLEX DOLLARS: come with meal plans U-E and do not transfer semester to semester. Flex Dollars are included with your meal plan and expire at the end of the semester. DINING DOLLARS: can be used at Aggie Dining locations. All unused Dining Dollars at the end of fall semester roll over to the spring semester.

What are Aggie dollars NCAT?

The Aggie OneCard is an accumulated prepaid declining balance account where money may be deposited onto your card, allowing you to use it like a debit card.

Can freshman stay off campus at A?

You may choose to live on campus, giving you immediate access to classes, university events, student organizations and social opportunities. Or you may choose to live off campus in one of the many nearby apartments or houses available for rent.

What is A acceptance rate?

56.7% (2020)North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University / Acceptance rate