How much is actors access for a year?

How much is actors access for a year?

An Actors Access PLUS membership is only $68 per year and allows you to download sides from up to 24 projects per day at no extra cost, unlimited submissions to Actors Access Breakdowns, and unlimited Eco Cast transmissions!

What are breakdowns in acting?

A “breakdown” is a brief description of a forthcoming production, along with the characters and roles featured in that production. It is created and released to begin the process of casting the actors who will perform those various characters and roles.

How much is actors access monthly?

Actors Access is the one of the few acting/casting-job websites that allow you to put up a profile without paying a monthly fee. Like other sites that offer a free profile, Actors Access will try to convince you to sign up — for $68 annually — for a premium service.

How much does it cost to submit on actors access?

$2 each
Though each submission on Actors Access is $2 each, the charges add up quickly. If you are submitting a video as well, it is another $3. If you find yourself submitting frequently, I suggest if subscribing to Actors Access Plus for $68.

What is the difference between actors access and actors Access Plus?

For $68/year, your Actors Access PLUS membership (formerly your “Showfax Subscription”) includes all the features of a free Actors Access account, and also allows you to: download sides for up to 24 projects per day; make unlimited Actors Access submissions; add media to your submissions; and unlimited Eco Cast …

Is Breakdown Express the same as actors access?

BREAKDOWN EXPRESS / ACTORS ACCESS. Breakdown Express / Actors Access is a national website that links projects in development / production to agents and actors looking for work.

Do you have to pay to audition on actors access?

Paying $2 per audition submission, $1 per page of the sides you need to prepare, and being charged for attaching media to submissions and ECO Cast auditions will add up QUICK!

Should I leave a note on actors access?

INCLUDE USEFUL SUBMISSION NOTES Include info that will help the CD do their job. After the first 40 characters the rest of note gets cut off unless they click on your profile. Make the Casting Director’s job easier. Just like Twitter – no need to use full sentences but make sure it makes sense if read quickly.

What is a slate shot?

A slate shot is a video about 7 seconds long where you simple say your name, or “Hi I’m Your Name” A slate shot is a great way for casting agents to hear your voice and get a feel for your energy and personality.

Where do agents receive breakdowns from?

Can actors get breakdowns? Actors can get Breakdowns through Actors Access only. Casting directors determine who can receive their projects. If a casting director wants submissions from talent representatives in New York, only talent representatives in New York can view and submit on that project.

How do you become a famous actor with no experience?

How to get started as an actor with no experience

  1. Don’t move yet.
  2. Take acting classes.
  3. Further your formal education.
  4. Join a local theater.
  5. Learn about the industry.
  6. Build your resume.
  7. Take a professional headshot.
  8. Create a demo reel.