How much does a Western pro Plow weigh?

How much does a Western pro Plow weigh?

Product Specifications

Models 7’6″ 8′
Plowing Width (Full Angle) 6’6″ 6’11”
Plowing Width (Full Angle) 1.98 m 2.11 m
Approx. Weight* (Without Mount) Steel: 653 lb Poly: 677 lb Steel: 668 lb Poly: 690 lb
Approx. Weight* (Without Mount) Steel: 296.20 kg Poly: 307.08 kg Steel: 303.00 kg Poly: 313.00 kg

HOW MUCH DOES A Western wideout weigh?

*Does not include vehicle mount (28 lb to 145 lb weight range)….Product Specifications.

Models 8′-10′ (#180210-higher) 8’6″-11′
Approx. Weight* (Without Mount) 1,020 lb 1,090 lb
Approx. Weight* (Without Mount) 462.66 kg 494.42 kg
Cutting Edge 0.5″ x 6″ 0.5″ x 6″
Cutting Edge 1.27 cm x 15.24 cm 1.27 cm x 15.24 cm

Are Western plows any good?

Western scores an average 4.6 out of 6 in moving capacity while Boss checks in with an average 5 out of 6. Moving capacity is neck and neck on the bigger plows, but Boss shows an advantage on their smaller plows. The numbers indicate some variances with regard to snow plow specs.

How much does a 7.5 ft plow weight?

Meyer Lot Pro Plow Blade LD 7′ 5″

Blade Width 7 ft. 6 in.
Cutting Edge 1/2 x 6 in.
Plowing Width 81 in.
Weight 773 lb.

What is the Best Western plow?

Top 10 Best Snow Plows: Highest Rated Plows for Truck & SUV (Reviews)

Home Plow by Meyer DK2 Elite Snow Plow SnowSport 180 Snow Plow

When did Western start making plows?

Western has been making snowplows for commercial and personal use since 1953.

What is the difference between Ultramount and Unimount?

Ultra Mount is much faster mounting than the Uni Mount, also you can take the recievers off in the off season for a cleaner stock look.