How much does a new viola cost?

How much does a new viola cost?

The pegs and fingerboards are crafted with ebony and most of the instrument is handcrafted. Prices range from $500 – $10,000. Professional Violas: Pure craftsmanship using the finest quality of wood, professional violas exude a rich tone and wide dynamics. Masterpieces like these are expensive.

How much does a viola sell for?

Good Quality Beginner Violas ($700-$1500) Intermediate Violas ($1500-$5000) Advanced Violas ($5000-$10000)

How much is a cheap viola?

$300 – $700. These are the most inexpensive violas that you’ll find at music stores. At this price, you’re looking at an entry-level or beginners instrument that is typically factory-made in China.

What size is a full size viola?

Full-size violas range from 13” to as much as 17” and up. Violins come in nine main sizes, and the cello comes in eight. Though the instruments may vary in size, all versions of each violin, viola and cello are identical in range of pitch and the ways they are constructed and played.

Are violas expensive?

If it sells, it will be the most expensive instrument of any kind in history. Here’s an old musician joke: How do you keep your violin from getting stolen? Put it in a viola case. The viola has long played second fiddle to its far more popular, higher-pitched sibling, the violin.

What size viola should I buy?

Viola sizes are defined by measuring the reverse side length from the side of the button to the centre line at the base. Violas of between 16 and 16½ inches (40.6 to 42cm) are classed as large-sized and suitable for most adults….What size viola do I need?

14″ 9-12 years
15″ 10-12 years
15.5″ Average adult
16″ Large adult

Can I play a 16 inch viola?

A 16 inch viola gives a more cello size full sound and is the size people choose most. It’s still easy to play and to handle, even if you aren’t very tall.

What is the smallest size viola?

Violas come in several different common sizes: 16”, 15 1/2”, 15”, 14”, 13”, and 12”. 16” is the largest readily available standard student size and 12” is the smallest.

Is viola or violin louder?

Viola vs Violin: Which is Louder? Even though the violin is smaller than the viola, it is louder. Coupled with its higher range, this makes it possible to sing out over the accompaniment of other instruments and be heard quite clearly in an orchestral setting and in chamber music.

Which is easier viola or violin?

Often violinists try to find work as violists and one of the reasons is that the viola parts in ensembles are usually easier than the violin parts, which have the most solos or get to play the melody line. However, studying the viola is as hard as any other instrument.