How many pastors are in RCCG?

How many pastors are in RCCG?

AS part of the ongoing 69th convention of the The Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, over 24,000 ministers were ordained to swell the numbers in the fast growing ministry.

Who is the founder of Redeem church?

Josiah Olufemi AkindayomiRedeemed Christian Church of God / Founder

Who is Johnson Funso odesola?

Pastor Johnson Funso Odesola is currently an Assistant to the General Overseer(Admin/Personnel) in the Redeemed Christian Church of God, an HIV/AIDS and Economic Justice Activist. He is also the Pastor in Charge of Region 1 National Headquarters.

Who is pastor odesola?

Johnson Funso Odesola is a distinguished specialist in Divinity after many academic forays through over nine local and international tertiary institutions where he obtained six PhD’s, two masters degrees, a postgraduate diploma, three Bachelor’s degrees, a Higher National Diploma, an Ordinary national diploma, and …

Where did Living Faith church started from?

1981Winners Chapel / Founded

Is RCCG the biggest church in Nigeria?

The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) has opened, arguably, the world\’s biggest auditorium. The facility can accommodate more than a million worshippers at a time.

Is RCCG a Pentecostal church?

The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) is the wealthiest and most popular Pentecostal church in Nigeria.

How many children did Pastor odesola have?

Pastor J.F Odesola who also happens to be the Assistant General Overseer in the Redeemed Christian Church Of God, has his two daughters marrying the sons of two respected clergymen of God in Nigeria.

Who is the assistant go of Rccg?

Pastor Olu Obanure
The statement said he had been operating from Ghana. “Pastor Olu Obanure was appointed the assistant general overseer in charge of Establishment during the 64th Annual Convention of the Mission in August 2016.

How many kids does odesola have?

When did Bishop Oyedepo got married?

In 1982 he married Florence Abiola Akano (now known as Faith Oyedepo). They have four children together (David Jr, Isaac, Love and Joyce).

How old is Pastor Chris Oyakhilome?

58 years (December 7, 1963)Chris Oyakhilome / Age