How many pages does Epson 252XL print?

How many pages does Epson 252XL print?

Go longer between cartridge replacements with the high-yield Epson 252XL/252 ink cartridge multi-pack. The extra-large black cartridge produces up to 1,200 pages at 5 percent coverage, so your staff can power through everyday documents without stopping to add more ink.

Can Epson XP 410 use 220 ink?

The XP-4105 is designed to only work with 212 Ink Cartridges. Unfortunately, 220 Ink Cartridges are not compatible.

Can I use Epson 252 instead of 200?

No, although they are 100% identical cartridges, the chip inside them that tells the printer whether it is the right ink is marked differently.

Can I use 200 ink instead 288?

Can I use Epson 200 ink instead of 288? Yes you can. The manual says to use 288, but the 200 carts should also work with no issue.

How many prints can an Epson cartridge print?

The tanks hold enough ink to print up to 4,000 pages black and 6,500 pages color, which is about two years’ worth of use or 20 sets of ink cartridges, according to Epson. The company also says users can save up to 80 percent on ink. So what does the ink cost?

Can Epson 220 be used for 202?

Epson 202 Printer Ink: Black, Color & Combo Ink Cartridges FAQs. The answer to whether epson 202 ink will work for 220 or whether epson 220 will work for 202 is No! In order to avoid wasting money, don’t try it, as the 200 and 220 cartridges are made for different printer models.

What kind of ink do I need for a Epson XP-410?

What ink does the Epson XP-410 printer use? This printer uses Epson 200 cartridges. Comes in standard and high yield sizes.

Are Epson 252 and 220 interchangeable?

A: Yes they are interchangeable. The 220xl just has more black ink in the cartridge.

What ink does Epson 202 use?

The Epson 202 and 202xl ink series works with the following two Epson printers: EXPRESSION XP-5100 and WORKFORCE WF-2860. InkjetsClub 202XL replacement will work just like the original Epson 202XL ink Black, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow Cartridge at a very low price without sacrificing quality!

Can you use Epson 200 ink instead of 220?

No, the cartridge numbers 200(xl) are not compatible with the cartridge 220(xl).