How many number one singles did The Jam have?

How many number one singles did The Jam have?

By the turn of the 1980s, The Jam was the biggest UK Singles band. All in all they scored five number one singles, the first one being ‘Going Underground’ which alongside ‘Town Called Malice’ is arguably their most famous release.

How many singles did The Jam release?

The discography of the British band The Jam consists of 6 studio albums, 5 live albums, 13 compilation albums, 6 videos, 3 extended plays, 18 singles, and 3 B-sides.

What was the jams first number one?

Going Underground
The Jam’s first number one single, “Going Underground,” is the song people tend to YouTube when introducing someone to the Jam. It is also the first song by them you would find if you search “The Jam” on YouTube.

How many UK number ones did The Jam have?

four UK
The Jam signed to Polydor in 1977 and were soon making impressions with songs such as In The City and All Around The World, and soon became one of the biggest acts of the era, scoring four UK Official Singles Chart Number 1s with Going Underground, Start!, Town Called Malice and Beat Surrender, and a UK Official Album …

What was the last jam single?

Beat Surrender
from the album Snap! “Beat Surrender” was The Jam’s final single, and was released on 22 November 1982. It became the band’s fourth and last No. 1 hit in the UK Singles Chart for two weeks in December 1982.

Who is the lead singer of From The Jam?

Paul WellerThe Jam / Lead singer

Who sang with Paul Weller on Beat Surrender?

The JamBeat Surrender / Artist

Is Paul Weller still friends with Bruce Foxton?

After Weller dissolved the Jam in 1982, he and Foxton reportedly went decades without speaking. They met again at a Who concert in 2006, chatting for 10 minutes – and finishing with an embrace. Last year, Foxton revealed that they had again become friends, but that a reunion of the Jam seemed out of the question.

Was Russell Hastings in The Jam?

Russell Hastings is a British guitarist and vocalist primarily known for his work with From the Jam — a punk outfit featuring former members of mod-pioneering act the Jam.