How many goals did Adriano score in 2004?

How many goals did Adriano score in 2004?

42 goals
From 11 July 2004 through 29 June 2005, Adriano was in peak form, scoring 42 goals in both domestic and international competitions. He was voted sixth for the 2004 FIFA World Player of the Year.

What does Adriano do now?

Now, he is living in the presidential suite of a luxury hotel in the upmarket neighbourhood of Barra da Tijuca Rio de Janeiro, with the room costing him £10,383 a month. It’s also claimed he’s been dating two women at once.

Is Adriano jailed?

Former Sevilla and Barcelona full-back has accepted a prison sentence of 14 months for tax fraud, it has been confirmed.

Was Adriano a good player?

Adriano was one of the best players during the period of 2000–2007 or 08 because of his performances with Inter Milan as the Italian football was on the peak at that period of time, specially the Milan teams. Even clubs like Barca and Madrid were not able to compete with Italian teams on a regular basis.

What position did Adriano play?

ForwardAdriano / PositionForwards are the players on an association football team who play nearest to the opposing team’s goal, and are therefore most responsible for scoring goals.
Their advanced position and limited defensive responsibilities mean forwards normally score more goals on behalf of their team than other players. Wikipedia

Is Adriano retired?

2016Adriano / Career end

But he eventually retired in May 2016, failing to fulfil his incredible potential. After hanging up his boots, Adriano could boast 14 major honours, including the 2004 Copa America and four Serie A titles.

What happened to Adriano soccer player?

In 2016, having not played in two years, he signed for Miami United in the US but left before playing a game. Adriano admits that a ruptured his Achilles’ tendon in 2011 and the surgery that followed contributed to the swift decline in his career.

What did Adriano do?

But there aren’t many as iconic as Adriano. The striker became a cult hero at a young age with his powerful left foot being made famous by the Pro Evolution Soccer video game. In the early 2000s, he found himself at Inter Milan and seemed destined for greatness.

How good is Adriano?

Yet even among the exalted company of the national team, Adriano was something special. A powerhouse striker with pace, skill and one of the hardest shots in football, he could have been a world-beater but for desperately unfortunate family circumstances.