How many ferries go across Lake Michigan?

How many ferries go across Lake Michigan?

As of 2018, there are 18 ferry routes in Michigan, 13 of which have ferries which can carry vehicles. Three ferry routes cross the international border between U.S. and Canada.

Where do Ferries cross Lake Michigan?

Lake Express, the first high speed auto/passenger ferry to operate on a route within the Continental United States crosses stunning Lake Michigan between Muskegon, Michigan and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

How much does it cost to take a ferry across Lake Michigan?

Adults: one-way, $69; round trip, $125. Seniors: one-way, $62; round-trip, $112. Children: one-way, $25; round trip, $45.

Is there a ferry that goes from Michigan to Wisconsin?

The Lake Express ferry docks at terminals in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Muskegon, Michigan. Both terminals provide fast and easy connections to area attractions and major interstates. Avoid Chicago traffic congestion with the Milwaukee-Muskegon fast ferry. Save hours of driving with the 2-1/2 hour Lake Michigan shortcut.

Was there a ferry before the Mackinac Bridge?

A third boat, “The Straits of Mackinac”, joined the fleet in 1928 and provided service across the Straits until the opening of the Mackinac Bridge on November 1, 1957.

Can you cross Lake Superior by boat?

Boating on Lake Superior As more people turn to the waters of Lake Superior for fishing and boating, the importance of boating safety can’t be overemphasized. Lake Superior, the Twin Ports harbor and lower St. Louis River offer a variety of boating experience not found elsewhere on Minnesota waters.

Is the SS Badger still running?

The S.S. Badger is the last coal-fired passenger steamship in operation in the United States. She has provided a fun, reliable and affordable shortcut across beautiful Lake Michigan for more than 60 years and has transported millions of passengers since her re-birth in 1992.

Are there any ferries across Green Bay?

The Washington Island Ferry is located at the tip of the Door Peninsula, in the Northeast corner of Wisconsin. Take Highway 57 North from Green Bay to Sturgeon Bay. From there, you can take either Hwy 42 or Hwy 57 to Sister Bay.

Is the ferry running across Lake Michigan?

The Lake Express crosses Lake Michigan 4 times daily during its spring and summer schedule. With the addition of evening sailings during its summer schedule, the Lake Express makes 6 Lake Michigan crossings daily during the height of the summer travel season.

Is there a ferry from Minnesota to Michigan?

Highway US-10 connects the states of Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and South Dakota by means of ferrying 60 miles across Lake Michigan. US-10 is one of only two United States highways utilizing a ferry service connection.

How much does it cost to take the SS Badger across Lake Michigan?

2022 Fares

Summer One Way Spring/Fall Round Trip
Adults $71 $111
Seniors (65+) $64 $99
Children (5-15) $31 $56
4 and Under FREE FREE

How long is the ferry ride from Ludington to Manitowoc?

four-hour, 60-mile
The relaxing four-hour, 60-mile cruise takes passengers, autos, RVs, tour buses, motorcycles, bicycles, and commercial trucks across Lake Michigan between Ludington, Michigan, and Manitowoc, Wisconsin.