How many branches does Ecobank have in Uganda?

How many branches does Ecobank have in Uganda?

10 11
Ecobank in Uganda

At the Year End 2020 (Ushs 000) 2019 (Ushs 000)
Total Assets 673,627,072 671,336,897
Total Deposits 507,505,665 549,910,656
Shareholder’s Equity 36,984,100 35,815,623
Number of Branches 10 11

How do I transfer money from USA to Ecobank?

Send money in four easy steps:

  1. Go to any Ecobank branch or Rapidtransfer agent and complete a Rapidtransfer “Send” form.
  2. Submit valid proof of identification.
  3. Pay in the amount you want to transfer, plus the required commission.
  4. Collect your reference number and call your beneficiary with details of the transfer.

Does Ecobank accept WorldRemit?

It’s so easy to send money to your family and friends’ Ecobank accounts in Nigeria with WorldRemit.

How many branches does ECO Bank have?

With over 1,300 branches in 36 countries, Ecobank has one of the biggest branch networks on the continent. While you can enjoy Ecobank banking services online, on your mobile and at ATMs, we continue to offer friendly advice and support for your everyday banking in our branches.

Which bank is worldwide in Uganda?

Standard Chartered Bank Uganda Limited is an international bank with a history spanning over 106 years of existence in the Ugandan market, having opened its doors in 1912, making it the longest established commercial bank in the country.

Does Ecobank do Western Union?

Ecobank has a long-standing relationship with Western Union. Western Union can be sent or received using the following: Ecobank account via Retail Ecobank Online. ATMs* (receive only)

How many countries have Ecobank?

36 countries
Today, Ecobank is the leading pan-African bank with operations in 36 countries across the continent.

Does Ecobank Do RIA money transfer?

Ecobank Ghana has partnered Ria Money Transfer to offer remittance pay-out services across Ghana. Both account and non-account holders can also collect cash transfers in minutes at any of the bank’s 77 branches, or through 167 sub-agent locations across Ghana. …

Does Ecobank do wire transfer?

This innovative transfer service allows you to receive your Western Union money transfer through your Ecobank account. You can visit any Ecobank branch (ATM) or use Ecobank Internet Banking to move money to your bank account.

Is Ecobank a PLC or Ltd?

Ecobank Nigeria Limited, commonly referred to as Ecobank Nigeria, is a commercial bank in Nigeria. It is one of the commercial banks licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria, the national banking regulator….Ecobank Nigeria.

Type Public Company NSE: EBN