How many assembly constituency are there in Delhi?

How many assembly constituency are there in Delhi?

The Delhi Legislative Assembly, also known as the Delhi Vidhan Sabha, is a unicameral legislature of the union territory of Delhi in India. At present, it consists of 70 members, directly elected from 70 constituencies.

Who is MLA of Patel Nagar?

Patel Nagar (Delhi Assembly constituency)

Patel Nagar
Current MLA Raaj Kumar Anand
Party AAP
Elected year 2020

Who is the MLA of Hari Nagar?


Election Member Party
2008 Harsharan Singh Balli Bharatiya Janata Party
2013 Jagdeep Singh Aam Aadmi Party
2020 Raj Kumari Dhillon

What is assembly constituency in Delhi?

New Delhi assembly constituency, earlier known as Gole Market Constituency, is one of the seventy Delhi assembly constituencies of Delhi in northern India. New Delhi assembly constituency is a part of New Delhi Lok Sabha constituency. This constituency was created by reorganisation by delimitation commission in 2008.

How many wards are there in Delhi?

The new North Delhi Municipal Corporation and South Delhi Municipal Corporation each contain 104 municipal wards, while the smaller East Delhi Municipal Corporation contains 64 wards.

How many consistency are there in Delhi?

Following is the list of the constituencies of the Delhi Vidhan Sabha since the delimitation of legislative assembly constituencies in 2008. At present, 12 constituencies are reserved for the candidates belonging to the Scheduled castes.

Which part of Delhi is Patel Nagar?

Central Delhi District
Patel Nagar is one of the 3 sub-division of the Central Delhi District in India.

Who is the MLA of Karol Bagh?

Karol Bagh (Delhi Assembly constituency)

Karol Bagh
Current MLA Vishesh Ravi
Party AAP
Elected year 2020

What is your constituency?

A constituency is all of the constituents of a representative. Constituents also have the power to remove their representative from the position to which they have appointed him or her. All of the constituents who are registered to vote are called the electorate.

How many districts are there in Delhi?

11 Districts
National Capital Territory of Delhi has 11 Districts – North, North- East, North-West, West, South, South- West, South-East, New- Delhi, Central, Shahdara and East.