How long do you have to save Mitsuo?

How long do you have to save Mitsuo?

He will show you a picture of Mitsuo Kubo. You will now be able to enter the TV at Junes and search for him in Void Quest. Secure him before August 12th ends.

How do you open the last door in the void quest?

In Chapter 7 of Void Quest, you have to find the room with a key to the last door inside. You will have to fight an enemy before you get it; it’s nothing hard though.

What level should I be to fight shadow Teddie?

Your Party should be around Level 33-38 (probably level 40 before Shadow Teddie) before trying to fight Shadow Rise to make things easier. Shadow Rise always begins with Fire spells, so if you brought Chie along, have her Guard as much as necessary.

What level should you be for Shadow Naoto?

level 53
Strategy. It is advisable to cross-fuse the Persona Tam Lin before engaging Naoto (the protagonist must be at least level 53 first), as it has no weakness to any element and its Ziodyne skill inflicts extra damage on her (no knockdown).

Who is the serial killer in Persona 4?

Tohru Adachi
Tohru Adachi is the main antagonist of the video game Persona 4 and the archenemy of the Investigation Team (especially Yu Narukami and Yosuke Hanamura).

What does Mitsuo mean in Japanese?

Shine, Light, Third
The name Mitsuo is primarily a male name of Japanese origin that means Shine, Light, Third. Used for the third son.

How many floors is the game Dungeon Persona 4?

Thank you for the A2A. There are eight dungeons, with a ninth one in Golden.

How many floors does the void Quest have?

There are a total of nine floors in Void Quest dungeon in P4G. Each floor is in fact a different chapter with different enemies.

Can Shadow Teddie be silenced?

Shadow Teddie’s Nihil Hand can be negated by guarding the turn before the attack hits. As such, use the turn when he begins charging to heal everyone and buff the party instead of immediately guarding.