How is the American society portrayed in The Great Gatsby?

How is the American society portrayed in The Great Gatsby?

In parts, The Great Gatsby is a satire on American society of the 1920s. This paper assumes that the novel realistically portrays the American society of the 1920s. The 1920s is portrayed as an era of decayed social and moral values, evidenced in its overarching cynicism, greed and empty pursuit of pleasure.

What is the meaning behind the Great Gatsby?

Considered to be Fitzgerald’s magnum opus, The Great Gatsby explores themes of decadence, idealism, resistance to change, social upheaval and excess, creating a portrait of the Roaring Twenties that has been described as a cautionary tale regarding the American Dream.

Did Jay Gatsby kill anyone?

Yes, he killed many. There is an irony in Gatsby’s story, since his bravado, willingness to risk his life and to take many others is rewarded.

Who is most at fault for Myrtle’s accident?

In conclusion, everyone had their part in the death of Gatsby. The minor contributors were Jay Gatsby and Myrtle Wilson, leaving Tom more responsible than Gatsby and Myrtle but Daisy Buchanan most responsible. “She caused the whole problem by killing Myrtle” (unknown 12).

What does Myrtle’s death symbolize?

Myrtle, mistress to Tom and unfaithful to her own husband is hit and killed when Daisy accidentally drives into her. Whilst Gatsby is portrayed as divine being in his death, Myrtle is a symbol of destroyed womanhood. It is also worth noting the amount of time each death occupies on the page.

Who says her voice is full of money?


What kind of person is Myrtle Wilson?

Myrtle Wilson Tom’s lover, whose lifeless husband George owns a run-down garage in the valley of ashes. Myrtle herself possesses a fierce vitality and desperately looks for a way to improve her situation. Unfortunately for her, she chooses Tom, who treats her as a mere object of his desire.

What was the importance of Myrtle’s death?

Myrtle’s death is the denouement of the novel where all the bad behavior comes to crisis and the wealthy and truly responsible escape justice. “So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”

Why is Myrtle Wilson important?

Myrtle Wilson is one such person. Through her involvement with the wealthy (and married) Tom Buchanan, she is able to play the role of a wealthy woman even though her real life is in no way privileged. The reader first learns of Myrtle Wilson in the opening chapter of The Great Gatsby.

How does Myrtle’s speech reveal her?

Based on her speech, Myrtle appears to be a rather passionate and excitable character. Myrtle seems to have big dreams for herself, not always based on reality, and aspires to surround herself with what she considers as being the finer things in life.

How does Myrtle feel about her husband?

For example, we get the sense Myrtle loved her husband when they got married, but has since been disappointed by his lack of cash and social status, and now feels stifled by her twelve-year marriage: “I married him because I thought he was a gentleman,” she said finally.

Why is Myrtle unhappy with her husband?

During the party, Catherine explains to Nick that neither Myrtle or Tom are happy with their marriage, and Mrs. McKee remarks that she almost made the mistake of marrying a poor, lowly man. Myrtle responds by saying that she made that mistake and regrets marrying George.

Why does Myrtle regret marrying her husband Wilson?

Essentially, Myrtle Wilson believed that George was a wealthy man and felt that she could attain an upper-class status by marrying him. Overall, Myrtle claims that she married George Wilson because she believed he was a wealthy gentleman.