How fast is Hong Kong internet?

How fast is Hong Kong internet?

The median download speed of the fixed internet connection in Hong Kong stood at 158.19 megabits per second in November 2021. The city was among the top cities in the world with the fastest fixed broadband upload and download speed.

How do I pay my netvigator bill?

Use your ATM card to settle your bill at any ATM labeled “Bill Payment Service”. Select “PCCW” as merchant. You will need to input your Receipt A/C no. (14 digits) and payment amount.

How do I cancel my netvigator account?

You may contact our customer service hotline to obtain the termination request form for the Services, now TV services, optional services and optional premiums you wish to terminate. Please refer to Clause 13.3 of the General Conditions for details and Clause 12 of the now TV Terms and Conditions.

Which country has slowest internet?

Turkmenistan has been recognized as the country with the slowest Internet in the world, with users needing almost a full day to download a movie.

How do I reset my netvigator password?

After logging into webmail, go to the upper right-hand corner and select “Change Password” in the drop-down menu. Or go to, then select “Change Password” in the left-hand column under “My Profile”.

How do I pay now TV?

What payment methods can I use? For TV membership, you can pay with Mastercard, Visa or American Express (Amex). For NOW Broadband Membership, you can only pay with Mastercard or Visa. Good to knowYou can use different payment methods for your TV membership NOW Broadband Membership.

How do I write a letter to terminate a service?

How to write a termination letter

  1. Notify the employee of their termination date.
  2. State the reason(s) for termination.
  3. Explain their compensation and benefits going forward.
  4. Notify them of any company property they must return.
  5. Remind them of signed agreements.
  6. Include HR contact information.

How do I contact PCCW?

Customer Service Center

  1. 1000 (Customer Service Hotline), press [2] for English, then press [6]
  2. 10088 (Business Customer Hotline)