How do you write a WHILE loop in SQL?

How do you write a WHILE loop in SQL?

SQL While loop syntax The while loop in SQL begins with the WHILE keyword followed by the condition which returns a Boolean value i.e. True or False. The body of the while loop keeps executing unless the condition returns false. The body of a while loop in SQL starts with a BEGIN block and ends with an END block.

How do you reference a temporary table in SQL?

Temporary tables/procedures are normally created via a special syntax but are referenced by their names just like normal tables/procedures. For example, we use “CREATE [[GLOBAL] TEMPORARY] TABLE …” to create a temporary table in ORACLE, and it’s referenced by its identifier/name once created.

What is temporary table in Db2?

Temporary tables can help you identify a small subset of rows from an intermediate result table that you want to store permanently. The two types of temporary tables are created temporary tables and declared temporary tables. You can use temporary tables to sort large volumes of data and to query that data.

Why we use WHILE LOOP in SQL Server?

In SQL Server, you use a WHILE LOOP when you are not sure how many times you will execute the loop body and the loop body may not execute even once.

Can you do loops in SQL?

SQL Server implements the WHILE loop allowing us to repeat a certain code while the loop condition holds. If, for any reason, we need other loops, we can simulate them using a WHILE loop.

How do you add to a temp table without creating it?

Inserting Data into Temporary Table without Creating its…

  1. select * INTO #TEMPTABLE from DataMasterView.
  2. select * from #TEMPTABLE.
  3. drop table #TEMPTABLE.

Can you write loops in SQL?

In programming, a loop allows you to write a set of code that will run repeatedly within the same program. Many programming languages have several different types of loop to choose from, but in SQL Server there is only one: the WHILE loop.

Can you use loops in SQL?

How many types of loops are there in SQL Server?

Almost all programming languages implement them, and we’ll usually meet these 3 types of loops: WHILE – While the loop condition is true, we’ll execute the code inside that loop. DO … WHILE – Works in the same manner as the WHILE loop, but the loop condition is tested at the end of the loop.

Can we use loop in SQL?

In SQL Server, there is no FOR LOOP. However, you simulate the FOR LOOP using the WHILE LOOP.