How do you use vandex BB75?

How do you use vandex BB75?

When Vandex BB75 is applied, the surface should be damp but not wet. Any surface water on horizontal surfaces must be removed. Place 25 kg of Vandex BB75 into a clean container, then add 4.5 – 6 litres of water. Stir for at least 3 minutes with a mechanical mixer.

How long does vandex take to dry?

Applications with cementitious Vandex products should be protected from frost, wind, direct sun and rain during setting and hardening. The application should be kept damp for a period of at least three days. Cementitious Vandex products are fully cured after 28 days.

What is vandex super?

Vandex Super is an in-depth crystalline active waterproofing slurry specifically formulated for waterproofing concrete. The active components of Vandex Super penetrate into concrete and form insoluble crystalline complexes.

How do you mix Ka Tanking slurry?

KA Tanking Slurry to 1 part clean water by volume. Pour the required amount of water into a clean bucket and add the powder slowly, mixing to a smooth lump-free consistency. For example, 5 litres of water will require 12.5 to 15 kg KA Tanking Slurry.

How long does vandex last?

All surfaces treated with Vandex products, which are to be coated or painted, must be left to cure for at least 4 weeks. When a plaster or render finish is required on top of the Vandex treatment, it is essential to apply a thin rough cast of sand and cement on the final Vandex layer while this is still tacky.

Can you trowel Tanking slurry?

Tanking slurry can be either brush applied or trowel applied.

How do I use vandex super?

The Vandex is applied just before pouring the concrete. VANDEX SUPER is sprinkled dry over the surface with a sieve, such as a flour type with a mesh of 1 mm. The Vandex powder can be poured into the sieve from a plastic bucket held under one arm. The concrete is poured and vibrated as usual.

What is Super slurry?

Description – Super Slurry (Liquefied Cement System) is a cementitious slurry system. The system allows the use of various types of hydraulic, Portland, pozzolanic and other cements as well as additional stabilizing agents in soil stabilization, modification and full depth repair/reclamation (FDR).

Is Tanking Slurry any good?

Tanking slurry, though, does an excellent job of stopping this mould and water ingress in its tracks. It’s equally useful both above and below ground level, which is why it’s also commonly used for damp-proofing wet rooms and wet zones before they’re tiled.

How thick should Tanking Slurry be?

Tanking slurry can be either brush applied or trowel applied. On large scale jobs it can be spray applied but in the main, we advise the use of a good quality masonry brush. Above ground damp proofing typically only require a one coat application of 1.5 or 2mm thick.

What is tanking slurry?

Tanking slurry or “cementitious tanking” is a thick liquid coating that is applied to the masonry surface to create a waterproof barrier. It is essentially a type of cement fortified with polymers and other aggregates.

What is a vandex?

NSF Certified Crystalline Waterproofing In addition to waterproofing, VANDEX SUPER/SUPER WHITE protects concrete substrates against saltwater, wastewater, harsh ground water and certain chemical solutions.