How do you use a Packstation?

How do you use a Packstation?

You need the post number to receive parcels at a Packstation or a postal outlet. So if you order a parcel to a Packstation or postal outlet, you need to enter your post number in the additional address field of the delivery address when you place your order.

How do I get a DHL postnummer?

Your Postnummer is on your Packstation customer card. You will also find it under “Meine Daten und Services” (My data and services) in the “Persönliche Daten” (Personal data) section and in the DHL Paket app once you have signed up.

What is my DHL post number?

The post number is your personal DHL customer number, which is assigned to you after registering for a DHL customer account. The post number is generated automatically and is directly linked to your customer account, i.e. the number is not transferable.

How is Packstation used in Germany?

On the Packstation, select “Send”, scan in the shipment number and place the parcel in a suitable compartment. With app-controlled Packstations without a screen, simply use the Post & DHL App.

How do you take a package from Packstation?

Each Packstation has a touchscreen where you can select English as your language. Next, select “Collect shipment” and tap on “Registered customer“ to insert your card. Enter your 4-digit mTAN to unlock and take out your parcel.

How do I ship online with DHL?

  1. Get Started Now.
  2. Create a Shipment.
  3. Create Shipment from Past.
  4. Create Shipment from Favorite.
  5. Get a Rate and Time Quote.
  6. Schedule a Pickup.
  7. Upload a Shipment File.
  8. Scan a Barcode.

How many Packstations are there in Germany?

3,000 Packstation machines
There are 3,000 Packstation machines in Germany and 90 percent of the people living in Germany were within ten minutes of a DHL Packstation. Only ordinary parcels and letters delivered by Deutsche Post can be delivered to Packstations.

What is DHL eCommerce?

DHL eCommerce Solutions provides international and domestic standard parcel delivery for business customers. We support your processes with mature e-commerce shipping and help you to enable your online business. Get a Quote.