How do you turn the airbag off on a Fiat 500?

How do you turn the airbag off on a Fiat 500?

To turn off the passenger airbag in a FIAT 500 go to the settings menu in the gauge cluster and scroll to passenger airbag, press ok, and then turn it off.

What does fuel cut off unavailable mean Fiat 500?

When an impact causes airbag deployment, the Enhanced Accident Response System will activate and a Fuel Cut off light will appear on the screen. When this happens, you can’t start the engine before resetting the system.

How many airbags does a FIAT 500 have?

There are seven standard airbags: dual front, side and curtain, plus a driver knee airbag to come between you and the telephone pole. The little lovable Fiat 500 is now in its sixth successful year, offering big character in a tiny footprint.

Where is the airbag ECU on a FIAT 500?

The FIAT 500 airbag ecu location is underneath the center console.

Where is the thermostat on Fiat 500?

You’ll find the thermostat housing by following the upper radiator hose to where it meets the motor. The upper radiator hose is the biggest one going from the front of the car to the side of the motor. It’s 1.5″ in outside diameter.

Where are the fuses on a Fiat 500?

Underhood Fuses The Front Distribution Unit is located on the right side of the engine compartment, next to the battery. To access, unscrew the screw, press the release tabs and remove the cover. The ID number of the electrical component corresponding to each fuse can be found on the back of the cover.

What does it mean when it says fuel cut off?

A fuel cutoff is in case of an accident, it stops providing fuel to the engine, in case it is leaking or anything, so that it doesn’t leak out or cause a fire. It’s not necessary for normal operation, but is more of a safety hazard, you might want to get that looked at, but is not necessary.

What does the fuel cutoff switch do?

The fuel pump shutoff stops the flow of fuel to the engine in the event of a moderate to severe crash.