How do you insert a country map into PowerPoint?

How do you insert a country map into PowerPoint?

To add a world map to your slide:

  1. On the PowerPoint Ribbon click on the Insert tab.
  2. Click “Chart” to open the Insert Chart dialog.
  3. Click on “Map” in the All Charts list.
  4. Click OK to insert a general world map into your PowerPoint presentation.

What should be included in a country PowerPoint?

  1. Country Project – PowerPoint Presentation Guidelines.
  2. History of the Country Name.
  3. Physical Geography & Features.
  4. Government.
  5. The Economy.
  6. Official Language(s)
  7. Population & People.
  8. Culture.

How do you add notes under a PowerPoint presentation?

To add notes to your slides, do the following:

  1. On the View menu, click Normal.
  2. Select the thumbnail of the slide you want to add notes to.
  3. The notes pane will appear beneath your slide. Click where it says Click to add notes and type whatever notes you’d like to add.
  4. To hide the notes pane, click the Notes button.

Can you write notes on PowerPoint?

Taking Notes on PowerPoint Slides This can be done electronically by using the “Click to add notes” feature on each slide, or by printing the PowerPoint presentation as “Handouts” with lines next to each slide for your own written comments.

How do you present your country?

Seven Ways to Represent Your Country

  1. Know that you are a guest, but they are not your host. Respect and cultural sensitivity are great skill sets to learn and to harness.
  2. Don’t brag about your home country.
  3. Don’t assume everyone speaks your language.
  4. Listen.
  5. Don’t get upset.
  6. Ask questions.
  7. Share what you know.

What should be included in a state presentation?

For each state you will include the following information: the state map, the name of the capital of the state, the population of the state (include the year), the state’s nickname, and when it was admitted to the union. You must also include transitions between each slide.