How do you get Valencia football tickets?

How do you get Valencia football tickets?

Buying Valencia CF Tickets is very easy, you just need to follow this guide :

  1. Go to Valencia CF’s fixtures page on our site.
  2. Choose your desirable Valencia CF’s match / fixture and click “View Tickets”.
  3. Choose where you want to sit by picking your favorite category.

How much are Valencia CF tickets?

Getting Tickets Ticket prices range from €20 ($25) to around €75 ($92) for ordinary league games, but can be more for matches against big-name opponents. The quickest way to get one is on the Club’s website.

What does La Mestalla mean?

That’s why its name comes from the historic irrigation canal of Mestalla, which was outside the south stand of the stadium, and had to be jumped over in order to get to the ground. The first duel hosted at the Mestalla, was in fact a derby against FC Levante.

Where is Valencia football stadium?

Mestalla StadiumValencia CF / Arena/StadiumMestalla Stadium is a football stadium in Valencia, Spain. The stadium is the home of Valencia Club de Fútbol and has a capacity of 49.430 seats, making it the 8th-largest stadium in Spain, and the largest in the Valencian Community. The North Stand of the stadium is known for its very steep section. Wikipedia

How much do Real Madrid tickets cost?

How much are Real Madrid CF tickets? Real Madrid regular-season La Liga tickets range from $82 to $176. Cheap tickets can be found for as low as $58 and premium tickets may cost well over $260. Champions League tickets are more expensive and can average around $100.

What is capacity of Mestalla?

55,000Mestalla Stadium / Capacity

When was Mestalla built?

May 20, 1923Mestalla Stadium / Opened

How much do Serie A tickets cost?

In the season 2019/2020, the cheapest option for a Juventus FC season ticket cost 650 euros. On the other hand, the highest price for a season ticket of this Serie A club was 2,370 euros.

Who is Real Madrid owned by?

listen), meaning Royal Madrid Football Club), commonly referred to as Real Madrid or simply Real, is a Spanish professional football club based in Madrid….Real Madrid CF.

Full name Real Madrid Club de Fútbol
Founded 6 March 1902 as Madrid Football Club
Ground Estadio Santiago Bernabéu
Capacity 81,044
President Florentino Pérez