How do you get into PA school Army?

How do you get into PA school Army?

  1. A Minimum Science GPA of 3.0 is required in all sciences.
  2. A Minimum Cumulative GPA of 2.5.
  3. Applicants must meet GPA requirements by application deadline 1 March 2022.
  4. There is no waiver available for GPA requirements.
  5. There is NO grade replacement for FY22 Applicants.

What rank is a physician assistant in the army?

Physician Assistant – 65D As an officer in the Medical Specialist corps, they play an important role in improving the overall quality of life for Soldiers and their families.

Can you go to PA school through the military?

The Army offers well qualified officers, warrant officers, and enlisted Soldiers an incredible educational opportunity to become a PA through the IPAP located at the Army Medical Department (AMEDD) Center & School, Joint Base San Antonio – Fort Sam Houston, Texas.

How does Army PA program work?

The Army trains about 150 Soldiers annually through IPAP, providing Soldiers an all-expense-paid path to a commission and a career in the medical field as a physician assistant. During Phase 1, students learn the basic medical sciences and clinical medicine courses during a 16-month program at Fort Sam Houston, Texas.

What do PA do in the Army?

Army PAs work with physicians or as part of a patient-service team to maintain the health and well-being of military personnel and their families. They may assist physicians in the operating room, performing routine or emergency surgeries. Some PAs may provide emergency medical treatment in combat or remote areas.

Who can apply for IPAP?

IPAP is a 29-month, two phase program that includes 16 months of academics followed by 13 months of hands-on training at a military medical treatment facility. “This unique multi-service opportunity is open to enlisted members and officers from any career field,” said Col.

How do I join the PA military?


  1. Bachelor’s degree, plus completion of an accredited physician assistant program acceptable to the Army Surgeon General.
  2. Certification by the National Commission for Certified Physician Assistants.
  3. Must be between 21 and 42 years of age.