How do you get fertile Spores?

How do you get fertile Spores?

Fertile Spores are a drop from various mobs in Zangarmarsh, namely the spore bats and spore walkers. Once a player is neutral with Sporeggar, these can be handed into Gshaff in the Sporeggar town as a repeatable quest, giving reputation. 6 fertile spores can be handed in each time.

How many fertile Spores to exalted?

6 Fertile Spores
Friendly to Exalted Fertile Spores, which requires looting 6 Fertile Spores from Spore Bats and Marsh Walkers scattered across Zangarmarsh. Completing this quest once unlocks the repeatable quest More Fertile Spores.

Where do I turn in sanguine hibiscus?

The Sanguine Hibiscus is located in Underbog and drops from bosses and mobs there. These also respawn, making it relatively easy to farm them in an empty instance, at least until the enemies respawn….External links.

Item Object
Wowhead WoWDB Wowhead WoWDB

Where do I turn in glow caps?

These glowcaps can be turned in to Msshi’fn in one of the huts. 10 gives 750 rep and you can do so till you reach Friendly. You first have to reach Neutral with them to be able to turn it in.

Where is Sporeggar located?

Their home is located in the southern bogs of Zangarmarsh. Sporeggar is a faction of sporelings found along the western edge of Zangarmarsh. The sporelings are native to Outland unfortunately, the changing climate of the marsh has put them in danger.

What are GlowCap used for?

GlowCaps, the music-making, glowing, cellular-connected caps designed to help people remember to take their pills, are a high-profile product in connected health. GlowCap lights up and plays music to remind users to take their pills and sends a signal to a reminder light.

What are sanguine hibiscus used for?

The Sanguine Hibiscus is needed for the “Bring Me Another Shrubbery!” repeatable quest that awards you 750 reputation with the Sporeggar faction. You need Sanguine Hibiscus x 5 to complete one repeatable quest so it’s a good idea to sell them in stacks of 5.