How do you cite a dictionary in MLA 8?

How do you cite a dictionary in MLA 8?

Author’s Last Name, First Name. “Title of Entry.” Title of Encyclopedia or Dictionary, edited by Editor’s First Name Last Name, Edition if given and not first edition, vol. Volume Number, Publisher Name, Year of Publication, pp. First Page-Last Page.

How do you cite Merriam Webster dictionary in text MLA?

title of the source (in italics) date the dictionary or thesaurus was published, posted, or revised (Use the copyright date noted at the bottom of this and every page of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.) full URL of the site (up to and including the file name) date you accessed the dictionary (in parentheses)

How do you reference a dictionary?

If you are citing a full dictionary in your reference list, you would place the title of the dictionary in the position where the author’s name would normally go, so it would look like this: Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary (10th ed.). (1999). Merriam-Webster Incorporated.

Which dictionary is best for students?

Best Online Dictionaries for One of the most popular online dictionaries now has an app! Merriam-Webster. Concise English Dictionary and Thesaurus. English Dictionary – Offline. The Free Dictionary for Android. Wolfram Words Reference App. Urban Dictionary. Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus.

What is the best dictionary for high school students?

Online Dictionaries For K12 Pupils: Which Are The Best?Oxford Dictionaries. Oxford Dictionaries are the world’s best source of words, carefully developed for different age groups and all levels of education. Merriam–Webster’s Word Central. Kids Wordsmyth.

Which dictionary is best for learning English?

Study Buddies: The 8 Best Dictionary Apps for English Price: $2.99. Price: Free (with premium options) English Dictionary – Offline. Price: Free. Merriam-Webster. Price: Free. Google Translate. Price: Free. Concise English Dictionary and Thesaurus. Price: $0.99. Urban Dictionary. Price: Free. Wolfram Words Reference App. Price: $0.99.

Who is the best dictionary app?

Here are the best dictionary apps for Android!…English Dictionary.Google Search.Merriam-Webster Dictionary.Pocket Thesaurus.WordWeb.

Is U dictionary A Chinese app?

Yes, U-Dictionary is a Chinese app of the Guangzhou-based internet company Netease.

What is a good dictionary?

A good dictionary must give example sentences for every word. Example sentences are English sentences which contain a word: —Longman Dictionary of English Language and Culture, Second Edition. Example sentences are not just helpful — they are actually more important than definitions.

Which dictionary is the most accurate?

Oxford English Dictionary

What kind of dictionaries are most useful?

It’s possible to find dual-language and single-language electronic dictionaries. Some electronic dictionaries even have several different dictionaries loaded inside them. Electronic dictionaries can be useful if they are used well, especially as they often give audio examples for you to check your pronunciation with.

Which dictionary is best for British English?

Learner’sTitlePublisherMain dialectLongman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishPearson-LongmanBritishMacmillan English Dictionary for Advanced LearnersMacmillan EducationBritishMerriam-Webster’s Advanced Learner’s English DictionaryMerriam-WebsterAmericanOxford Advanced Learner’s DictionaryOxford University PressBritish2