How do you calculate an asphalt tack coat?

How do you calculate an asphalt tack coat?

Therefore, the estimated quantity of tack coat is determined as follows: Quantity of Tack Coat = (quantity of emulsion in gallons) ÷ (gallons of emulsion per ton) = 61,952 gallons ÷ 240 gal./ton = 258.1 tons Quantity of Tack Coat = 259 tons.

How is tack coat applied?

A tack coat is an adhesive material applied between layers of the asphalt concrete that is laid down for road construction. The adhesive when applied correctly, helps to prevent the degradation of the road by keeping the asphalt concrete layers together.

What is the recommended maximum application rate for a tack coat of asphalt?

Application Rate

Existing Pavement Condition Application Rate * (gallons/sy)
Residual Diluted (1:1)
New Asphalt 0.03 – 0.04 0.10 – 0.12
Oxidized Asphalt 0.05 – 0.06 0.15 – 0.18
Milled Surface (Asphalt) 0.05 – 0.06 0.15 – 0.18

What does asphalt tack do?

The proper application of asphalt tack coat can significantly improve the bond between the pavement layers, increasing the strength of the pavement structure. Tack coat can also reduce the tendency for the surface course layer to slide on the underlying layer under the force of accelerating or decelerating traffic.

Where is prime coat and tack coat applied in a pavement?

Some people believe that a prime coat is only makes the tack coat more adhesive and nothing more. A prime coat is a coating applied directly to a prepared base before additional layers of support or coating.

What is objective of tack coat?

Tack coat is a thin layer of asphalt that ensures the bonding between old and new asphalt layers. It is also used in construction or for renovation of roads to achieve better strength. Tack coat is sticky, which is very important for forming a secure bond between the two layers of asphalt.

What is asphalt tack coat made of?

asphalt emulsion
What is Tack Coat Made Of? It is an asphalt emulsion. The trick is to take the very sticky, thick, bituminous asphalt and grind the particles very finely. This is done in what is called a colloidal mill.

How long does it take for tack coat to dry?

1 to 2 hr
Usually, most tack coat materials require 1 to 2 hr to fully cure (set). It is generally recommended to let the materials completely cure before placing a new HMA layer on top of them.

What is thickness of tack coat?

A road need only have an asphalt thickness of 5 to 6 in. in order to have perpetual properties (such as cracking and rutting developing at the surface rather than bottom-up).” While 5 to 6 in.

What is difference between tack coat and prime coat?

A tack coat is applied after the prime coat, to form an adhesive bond between the tack coat and the next layer of coating. The tack coat prevents slippage and may sometimes function as a more long-term sealer to protect the substrate from moisture and bacteria.

How hot should tack be?

The tack coat material in the distributor tank must be kept at the proper temperature to assure that the material can be sprayed uniformly onto the existing pavement surface. When an asphalt emulsion is used, it should normally be applied at a temperature between 120oF and 160oF.