How do you add length to an essay?

How do you add length to an essay?

How to Lengthen an Essay: 5 Tricks that Every Student Should TryAvoid Abbreviations. Abbreviations were made to make our life easier, and our writing or speaking simpler. Replace Contractions with Full Versions. This one is also pretty basic. Use Quotes. Put More Details. Use Transition Phrases and Sentences. Final Thoughts.

How do you add more sentences to a paragraph?

How to Increase Your Essay Word CountAdd Examples. Skim through your essay looking for any place you have used an example to make a point. Address Different Viewpoints. Clarify Statements. Find Additional Sources. Use Quotations. Rework Introduction and Conclusion. Page Count.

What is effective wording?

There are six main characteristics of effective language. Effective language is: (1) concrete and specific, not vague and abstract; (2) concise, not verbose; (3) familiar, not obscure; (4) precise and clear, not inaccurate or ambiguous; (5) constructive, not destructive; and (6) appropriately formal.