How do I track my Banggood order?

How do I track my Banggood order?

To track a BangGood parcel order, buyers simply need to enter their tracking ID code onto the Ship24 website. The BangGood package tracking number will be supplied by the seller and is usually found either in the purchase order confirmation email or on their order details on the BangGood website.

How long is Banggood shipping?

With Banggood express your order will be delivered in 6-10 working days. As we are managing the whole process we reduce transit links and eliminate double handling of packages, we save costs, so we can offer you a better service for less.

What carrier does Banggood use?

The company collaborates with many postal services to transport its products to their final destination. Bangood most often uses the following partners: China Post, DHL USPS, UPS, DHL and DHL Express, PostNL, etc. The majority of items marketed by Bangood are produced in China and offered by Chinese sellers.

Why is Banggood so slow?

Why does tracking take time to update? Sometimes tracking can be slow to update, we use the most affordable tracked shipping carriers so the frequency of updates can vary depending on the time of year and destination. This allows Banggood to give you the most affordable/free shipping options.

What is CN warehouse?

CN Warehouse Is In China, not Canada Most orders are processed through these Chinese warehouses as the overseas warehouses do not stock everything, and generally, have a higher price. The CN warehouses are in multiple cities and are prefixed with CN. For example, CN-SZ is China, Shenzhen Warehouse.

What does ship from CN mean?

How reliable is Banggood?

Banggood is definitely a legitimate online shop to buy products at cheap prices but it comes with a risk of getting refunds and receiving damage, faulty, or not the same product as described if you blindly purchase without checking the reviews and description of the product.

Who is the owner of Banggood?

Aaron Chen
As we continue to expand, we will gradually extend the Express service to other regional markets,” said Aaron Chen, CEO of Banggood.

Does Banggood have a US warehouse?

Our North American warehouse is in the US and offers faster shipping for some parts of North and South America.