How do I reset my Flomec flow meter?

How do I reset my Flomec flow meter?

Press the DISPLAY button briefly to switch between the TOTAL 1, TOTAL 2 BATCH and FLOWRATE. When TOTAL 2 BATCH is displayed, you can hold the DISPLAY button for 3 seconds to reset the Batch Total to zero. When fluid is flowing through the meter, a small propeller icon is highlighted.

How do you calibrate a digital flow meter?

To perform Master meter calibration:

  1. Place the master meter in series with the flow meter under test.
  2. Compare the readings of the master flow meter and flow meter using a measured volume of liquid.
  3. Calibrate the flowmeter under test to conform with the master flow meter calibration.

What is the difference between flow meter and water meter?

The quick and dirty difference is that a water meter measures the volume of water as it passes through the meter and a flow meter measures the speed at which the water passes through the meter.

What are the types of water meters?

Types of metering devices

  • Displacement water meters.
  • Velocity water meters.
  • Electromagnetic meters.
  • Ultrasonic meters.
  • Prepaid water meters.
  • Water meter reading.

How is petrol flow measured?

Petrol pumps measure fuel by using petrol flowmeter which is PD flowmeter type. The operator sets a currency/litre based setpoint which the PD flowmeter calculates instantaneously by segmenting the volume into smaller volumes and eventually measuring the dispensed fuel litres.

How do you calculate fuel flow rate?

35 second clip suggested1:04EFI Advanced: How to Calculate Fuel Flow Rate – YouTubeYouTube

How do I know if my flow meter is accurate?

to know the accuracy. The accuracy of a flow meter can be stated one of two ways; as a percentage of full scale (FS) or as a percentage of reading (RD, also referred to as per- centage of rate). It is important to understand the meaning of both so that your flow meter performs as expected and with the desired accuracy.