How do I renew my medication aide license in Texas?

How do I renew my medication aide license in Texas?

Receive Certificate Please check your email closely for the subject line SMT NOTICE. You will receive login details. FIll the application, download the Medication Aide Renewal Voucher and hit the submit button and send the Medication Aide Renewal Voucher with a $25 money order to the address stated on the voucher.

Does Texas have a grace period for expired CNA license?

Governor Greg Abbott has waived certain regulations from the Texas Board of Nursing regarding licensing renewal and subsequent fees for nurses in Texas. The Governor’s waiver authorizes a six-month grace period for nurses with expired licenses.

What is the number to the Texas Nurse Aide Registry?

(512) 438-2050
Call the Texas Nurse Aide Registry at (512) 438-2050.

How do you get a medication aide license in Texas?

Medication Aide Training – Admissions Requirements To be a medication aide in a licensed Texas facility, you must : Read, write, speak, and understand English. Be at least 18 years old. Be free of Communicable Diseases, and in suitable Physical and Emotional Health to safely administer Medications.

How do I renew my expired CNA license in Texas?

You can seek reinstatement by contacting the Texas CNA registry within 24 months of expiration.

  1. Four Statuses of Certification.
  2. Check Certification Status.
  3. Determine Your Eligibility.
  4. Complete Criminal History Check.
  5. Submit Request to Retest Form.
  6. Examination and Re-Certification.

How long is the medication aide program in Texas?

Medication Aide (142 hours/$597) Upon completion, students will prepare for the state examination through the Texas Health and Human Services to become a Certified Medication Aide. The program consists of 130 hours of classroom instruction with 12 hours of clinical application in a long-term care center environment.

How do I reinstate my CNA license in Texas?

How do I check if my CNA is active in Texas?

If there comes a time when you need to check your CNA status in Texas, go to the Texas Health and Human Services Commission website and navigate as follows: Doing Business With HHS, Licensing Credentialing & Regulation, Credentialing, Nurse Aide Registry.

How do I check my medication aide status Iowa?

CNAs may visit the Health Facilities Division website to see if they are currently active on the registry. Select “DCW Search” on the left side of the page, and search by Registry ID number, first or last name, city, or county.