How do I monitor app pools?

How do I monitor app pools?

Monitor IIS application pools

  1. In the Orion Web Console, click Settings > All Settings > SAM Settings > Component Monitor Wizard.
  2. Select Process Monitor – WMI as the monitor type, and then click Next.
  3. Click Browse, select the web server, and then click Select.
  4. Enter WebServerAdmin in the Credential Name field.

What is application pool used for?

An application pool serves as a container for your applications in IIS. It’s a collection of one or more URLs that can be served by a worker process, and it provides isolation: applications that run on one application pool are in no way affected by other applications that run on different application pools.

How do I know if an application pool is running?


  1. Logon to the Controller application server (as a Windows administrator)
  2. From the Start menu, open ‘Administrative Tools’ and launch “Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager”
  3. Navigate to the ‘Application Pools’ section.

How do I monitor IIS services?

How to Monitor IIS Performance

  1. Perform HTTP Testing. By setting up a simple HTTP check that runs every minute, you can get a threshold, which you can use to determine whether the site is up or down.
  2. Use Performance Monitor.
  3. Use Task Manager.
  4. Use Event Viewer.
  5. Use Recommended Counter Monitors.

What is Solarwinds Orion application pool?

This program connects you with professional consulting resources who are experienced with the Orion Platform and its products. These services are provided at no additional charge for customers who were/are running one of the Orion Platform versions affected by SUNBURST or SUPERNOVA.

How do you add an application on application pool?

In the Connections pane, expand the server name, and then click Application Pools. In the Actions pane, click Add Application Pool…. In the Add Application Pool dialog box, enter the name of the application pool in the Name: box, in the . NET Framework version: drop-down list select the .

How do I get rid of app pool?

1. In the View List under Server Configuration, click Internet Information Services. In the Application Pools explorer, right-click the application pool and click Delete.

What is IIS app pool?

An Application Pool is a mechanism used by IIS to isolate Web applications, allowing you to have different configurations (security, resource usage, etc) and preventing misbehaving applications from interfering with other applications. Generally, each Application Pool corresponds to one worker process.