How do I forward calls on my Avaya 9608?

How do I forward calls on my Avaya 9608?

Call forwarding

  1. Access Feature Screen.
  2. Scroll and choose Call Forward (Hear dialtone).
  3. Enter destination number to which you wish to forward all calls following appropriate dialing rules.
  4. Listen for confirmation tone.
  5. Observe the Call Forwarding indication at the top of the display.

How do I reset my Avaya 9608 phone?

Avaya 9608 Factory Reset

  1. Press the Menu button and navigate to the “Administration” menu.
  2. Select and insert the Admin password (default is – 27238)
  3. Scroll down the menu and select Clear.
  4. Press Clear again to confirm the action. The phone settings are cleared and the phone will restart.

How do I change the name on my Avaya 9608?

Avaya 9608/9630/9650 IP phone models Select Application Settings and press OK. Select Personalize Labels and press OK. Select the label you wish to edit by pressing its corresponding button. Edit the label using your keypad to enter the desired letters, numbers, or characters.

How do I use an Avaya landline phone?

  1. Pick up the handset or press Speaker.
  2. Dial the number, including any outside line digits and/or.
  3. area codes.
  4. – To dial off campus, dial “9”, then number.
  5. – For long distance, dial “91”, then number including area.
  6. code.
  7. NOTE: Phone must be long distance enabled. Director.
  8. approval required and can be submitted to.

How do I turn on voicemail on my Avaya phone?

Avaya Voice Mail Set-up Instructions

  1. Dial extension 1022.
  2. Enter the temporary password (7422) then press #
  3. Choose a new password then press #
  4. To save the password press #
  5. Follow the prompts to record your name and greeting.

What is my Avaya mailbox number?

What is the mailbox number? The mailbox number is the 7-digit number of the extension. For example, for extension 66033, you would enter 956-6033.