How do I fix error NP 34957 8?

How do I fix error NP 34957 8?

Check the PlayStation Network or game server for maintenance. “PS4 error np-34957-8” may either be caused by PSN server that is under maintenance or under heavy user, which causes too much traffic. Check it here to confirm if they are under maintenance or flooded by users. Wait until the server is up.

How do I fix error code NP 37602 8 on youtube?


  1. Check the status page of each service to see if there are network issues.
  2. Restart your PlayStation®4 console.
  3. Unlink the account and link it again from Settings > Account Management > Link with Other Services.
  4. Turn off your router, wait at least 5 minutes, then restart it.

How do I fix error 8210604A on PS4?

PS4 error E-8210604A can be a server problem. You can get rid of this kind of issue by modifying the DNS settings. On the Properties interface, you need to change the DNS settings to manual and change the primary DNS to 8.4. 4.8 and then change the secondary DNS to 8.8.

What does the PlayStation code NP 34957 8 mean?

undergoing maintenance
The PlayStation Network might be undergoing maintenance.

How do you restart PlayStation Store?

If you are using a PS5, follow the steps below to restart it:

  1. On your controller, locate the PS button and press it until the Quick Menu appears.
  2. Now, select the Restart PS5 option.
  3. Finally, press the O or X button on your controller to proceed.

Does PS Plus card work on PS5?

PlayStation Plus is tied to your account. If you’re currently a PlayStation Plus member on your PS4™ console or other PlayStation device, you can keep using the same membership on your PS5™ console. Simply sign in to your account on your PS5 console and continue enjoying the benefits.

Why can I not buy PlayStation Plus?

One of the main reasons you cannot renew your PS Plus subscription is if there’s a problem with PSN’s servers. Since Playstation Plus is a feature under the Playstation Network, you can expect problems if PSN’s servers are down.