How do I find the rateable value of my property in England?

How do I find the rateable value of my property in England?

The rateable value of your property is shown on the front of your bill. This broadly represents the yearly rent the property could have been let for on the open market on a particular date.

How do I find the rateable value of my business property?

Where to find your rateable value. Business rates are determined by multiplying the rateable value by the “multiplier” set by the government. The rateable value, or property’s value, is based on the open market value from 2015. These are estimates from the Valuation Office Agency.

What is the rateable value of a property based on?

A property’s rateable value is an assessment of the annual rent the property would rent for, if it were available to let on the open market at a fixed valuation date: from 1 April 2017, the rateable values will be based on the valuation date of 1 April 2015.

Is rateable value same as property value?

The VOA gives a rateable value to each non-domestic property and this is used by local councils to calculate a property’s business rates. A property’s rateable value represents the rent the property could have been let for on a certain date set in law.

What is the rateable value of a holiday let?

Your holiday let will have a ‘rateable’ value based on the rental value of the property. The local property tax you pay depends on your property type, size, location, and the income you could receive. Your local authority will calculate the business rates for your property based on its ‘rateable value’.

How do I contact VOA?

You can contact the VOA at If you are unable to use the online service you can also contact the VOA on 03000 501 501 [English authorities] /03000 505 505 [Welsh authorities].

What is a rateable valuation?

Rateable value, broadly speaking, is the annual rental value that a property could be let for at a specified valuation date. Rateable value is used by local councils as the basis for calculating non-domestic and business properties rate bills.

What is annual rateable value?

Annual Rental Value or Rate-able Value or ARV : ARV is a system in which the gross annual rent of the property is fixed by the municipal body and taxes would be levied based on the estimated value.

What is rateable valuation?

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