How do I extend my essay?

How do I extend my essay?

How to Lengthen an Essay: 5 Tricks that Every Student Should TryAvoid Abbreviations. Abbreviations were made to make our life easier, and our writing or speaking simpler. Replace Contractions with Full Versions. This one is also pretty basic. Use Quotes. Put More Details. Use Transition Phrases and Sentences. Final Thoughts.

What is the smallest font in size 12?

times new roman

Is there a difference between Helvetica and Arial?

The primary differences between Arial and Helvetica can easily be seen in the distinguishing characters shown above: Helvetica’s terminal strokes are either horizontally or vertically cut, while those of Arial are slightly angled, the cap G in Helvetica has a spur while Arial does not, the leg of the cap Rs are …

What was Helvetica original name?

Neue Haas Grotesk

What’s wrong with Helvetica?

Functionality. The digital Helvetica (particularly Neue Helvetica) that we know today is not great for text or user interface. Its tight spacing, uniformity, and relative lack of rhythm and contrast pose significant readability and legibility issues in these kinds of settings.