How do I enable generic USB redirection on Mac?

How do I enable generic USB redirection on Mac?

To redirect an optimized USB device as a generic USB device, in the menu bar, under Devices->USB Devices, select “Manage Devices” to see Device preferences, which we’ll cover in the section “Configuring USB Redirection”.

How do I use Horizon client with USB?

Configure Horizon Client to connect USB devices automatically to a remote desktop when Horizon Client starts.

  1. From the VMware Horizon Client menu bar in the remote desktop, select USB Devices > Automatically Connect at Startup.
  2. Plug in the USB device and restart Horizon Client.

What is USB redirection?

USB redirection (Universal Serial Bus redirection) is a technology that allows an end user to plug an external device into a USB port on their endpoint and access the device from within a remote desktop or application.

What is client redirection?

Client Drive Redirection enables users to access files and folders located on the endpoint from within a VDI or HSD session. It has been in XenApp for more than 15 years and in XenDesktop from Day 1, so it has been battle-tested for quite some time now.

How do I open USB in Citrix?

Enabling Generic USB Redirection

  1. Open Desktop Studio on XenDesktop server, click Start > All Programs > Citrix > Desktop Studio.
  2. Expand HDX Policy.
  3. Select Users.
  4. Click Edit > Settings.
  5. In the Policy console, scroll down to USB Devices.
  6. Click Add on Client USB device redirection.
  7. Select Allowed and click OK.

How does Citrix USB redirection work?

Client USB device redirection rules When a user plugs in a USB device, the host device checks it against each policy rule in turn until a match is found. The first match for any device is considered definitive. If the first match is an Allow rule, the device is remoted to the virtual desktop.

How do I access VMware horizon client?

2 Double-click the VMware Horizon Client desktop shortcut or click Start > Programs > VMware Horizon Client. 3 (Optional) To log in as the currently logged-in Windows domain user, click the Options button on the menu bar and select Log in as current user.

What is USB client?

USB devices are peripherals, such as mouse devices and keyboards, that are connected to a computer through a single port. A USB client driver is the software installed on the computer that communicates with the hardware to make the device function.

How do I share my USB with TeamViewer?

Here’s a simple guide on how to access USB using TeamViewer: Attach the device, that you need to share, to your local computer with TeamViewer installed. Launch the app and find the File Transfer option on the main menu. When you select this option, you’ll see a window that is similar to an FTP file transfer window.