How do I beat Specter Knight?

How do I beat Specter Knight?

One of the easier ways to defeat Specter Knight is to use a combination of the Phase Locket and the Shovel Blade. The Phase Locket can be used to easily avoid Specter Knight’s Scythe Charge and Scythe Toss attacks which can be difficult to dodge.

What gender is Specter Knight?

Specter Knight
Sex Male
Species Unknown
Height 6’0″
Weight N/A

How do you get to Knights secret room in Spectre?

In Specter of Torment, Specter Knight’s secret room is found in the Lich Yard. Under the destructible wall containing the stage’s second Red Skull, the floor can be broken open by jumping from it. Underneath is a ladder leading down, visible when lightning strikes.

Is there anything in Specter Knight’s room?

As shown in Specter of Torment, the room contains various items from when Donovan was alive, including a picture that can be torn (which will spawn an Invisishade) and an empty chest guarded by chains. Specter Knight returns there to hide his keepsake locket inside the empty chest during the campaign’s ending.

How do you beat Spectre?

In order to defeat a Specter, it’s important to use Acid or Plasma damage. These elements will do more damage against the Specters than any others. If this isn’t available, another way to take it down is by removing all of its armor plates. The Specter will have weak spots that Aloy can exploit and destroy.

Does Shield Knight Love Shovel Knight?

Game Information Shield Knight is one of the main characters of Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove and one of many Knights that inhabit its world. She is Shovel Knight’s partner and love interest.

How do you get into King Knight’s room?

King Knight’s secret room can be found in “The Homestead” which is located very early in the game. The secret room is situated to the top left of the room. To access this room it is best if you buy the Battery Brigandine armour from the King in the airship.

How do you get to King Knight’s room?

What is the fastest way to get money in Spectre?

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How do you beat Specter prime?

Elemental attacks in the game include Fire, Shock, Frost, Plasma, Purgewater, and Acid. The Specter Prime will be weak to damage from Acid and Plasma attacks. They are strong against damage from Fire, Shock, and Purgewater attacks.