How did the tsunami affect Thailand?

How did the tsunami affect Thailand?

The popular tourist resort of Phuket was badly hit. 250 people were reported dead, including tourists. The tsunami struck the west coast of Phuket island, flooding and causing damage to almost all the major beaches such as Patong, Karon, Kamala, and Kata beach.

What were the effects of the Boxing Day tsunami?

Ten people were reported killed, and flooding destroyed a major bridge between the capital Port Victoria and main airport. Also, the island reported devastating economic loss in millions of dollars due to hotels, housing, public utilities, and fishing damages. More than 300 deaths were reported and 5,000 displaced.

How did Thailand respond to the 2004 tsunami?

Communities, government, private and public organisations moved quickly to rebuild affected areas. Swift rehabilitation of coastal resorts has seen tourism flourish once again. Other hard-hit communities where livelihoods were devastated have improved at a steadier pace.

How much damage did the Thailand tsunami cause?

An astonishing roughly quarter million people (227,899) were killed or missing and presumed dead, including tourists, making this the deadliest tsunami in history. About 1.7 million people were displaced. Total damage was estimated at roughly $13 billion (2017 dollars).

What were the short term effects of the Boxing Day tsunami?

Short term effect The short effect of the tsunami was that there was no homes, no food, no cloths. Many people lost there jobs when the tsunami attacked, many people injured. The tsunami also destroyed many people happiness.

What 14 countries were affected by the Boxing Day tsunami?

Measured in lives lost, this makes it one of the 10 worst earthquakes in recorded history, as well as the single worst tsunami in history. The worst affected countries were India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Maldives, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Seychelles, Thailand and Somalia.

How was the Boxing Day tsunami managed?

Mangrove swamps helped to act as a barrier to reduce the energy of the water in some areas. Short-term aid, such as water purification tablets, temporary housing and medical supplies were given from international countries. Islands reliant on tourism and fishing, such as the Maldives, had to rebuild their industries.

How much did the Boxing Day tsunami destroy?

December 26, 2004 +20 to 30 minutes: Tsunami waves more than 100 feet high pound the Banda Aceh coast, killing about 170,000 people and destroying buildings and infrastructure.

How big was the Boxing Day Tsunami?

Tsunamis reached 20m in height at landfall in parts of Aceh. In other locations they spread 3 km inland carrying debris and salt water with them.

How many people died in the Boxing Day Tsunami 2004?

Thailand Tsunami Response Thailand Boxing Day Tsunami Causes Massive Destruction and High Death Toll The Indian Ocean Tsunami made landfall on 26th December 2004. It was unprecedented in its scale, destroying parts of Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Thailand and resulting in over 250,00 deaths within the region.

How effective were the responses to the Boxing Day tsunami?

Reconstruction The quickness and effectiveness of the responses to the Boxing Day Tsunami were different in every region. For instance in Koh Phi Phi, the community effort for rehabilitation was less unified then other regions.

How many houses were destroyed in the Boxing Day tsunami?

The destructive wave made its way two kilometers inland, causing extreme damage (Thanawood et al., 2006). In total, the Boxing Day tsunami affected 12,815 households, comprising more than 58,550 people. The total number of homes destroyed was 3,302, while 1,504 were damaged.

How did the tsunami affect Thailand’s tourism industry?

While there was an overall decline in tourism, only the southern provinces were directly affected by the tsunami. The tourists who entered Thailand were still able to go to the Northern provinces, particularly on the gulf side and Bangkok area (Thanawood et al., 2006). This helped keep the economy afloat during this rough time period.