How can I recheck Du result?

How can I recheck Du result?

How to Check DU Re-checking – Revaluation Result 2021? Students who have applied for the process of revaluation or rechecking of their answer scripts can check their results by following these eminent steps. Step – 1 – Visit the site at Step – 2 – From the tab, click on the option of Revaluation.

How do I apply for rechecking in DU?

The student can also download the revaluation application form from below and submit it to DU by filling in all the details.

  1. Download DU Revaluation Application Form.
  2. Download Application for Photocopy of Evaluated Answer Scripts.

Does du decrease marks in revaluation?

The marks may increase, decrease, or not change at all, but result after revaluation is final.

What is rechecking and revaluation?

ANSWER (1) In all examinations, the meaning goes similar i.e. re-checking, it means that the whole answer sheet will be checked once again. Re-evaluation, it means that a retotaling of marks will be done, and checked whether all the questions are checked or not.

What is done in rechecking?

Revaluation is the process of re-examining the subject. In addition, students who want to check their answer sheets again can apply for revaluation.

How do you write a rechecking letter?

Respectfully stated that I, (Sender’s Name), (Class/grade no.), I got my results (date) and I got less than expected marks in one subject (Subject name). (Describe in your words). With due respect, I would like to apply for a paper rechecking as my result is very bad compared to my preparation for examinations.

How do you write a letter rechecking an answer sheet?

Sub: Application for Rechecking of Answer Sheet I have my doubt which I wanted to clear. I wasn’t expecting this kind of marks. Please, I am requesting you to approve my request for rechecking the paper so that I can clear my doubts about checking. Kindly allow me to do rechecking of answer sheet to clear my doubts.

How do you recheck paper?

Step by Step Process for CBSE Rechecking, Revaluation 2020

  1. Step 1: Apply for Re-totalling. To start, students need to apply for Re-totalling of the marks.
  2. Step 2: Apply for Photocopy of Answer Sheet.
  3. Step 3: Apply for Revaluation.

How do you send rechecking papers?

How to Apply for Re-evaluation of Answer Sheets:

  1. Go to the official site of CBSE i.e.,
  2. Search for re-evaluation application form in the site.
  3. Enter all the details that are required to fill the form.
  4. Submit the form by paying the fee through online method.

How many days will it take for revaluation?

Revaluation of Answer Papers:- All The candidates should apply for revaluation within 15 days from the date of publication of examination results.

Does marks increase after rechecking?

There is no limit to how many marks may be increase after Re-evaluation of answer sheets. However, in majority of cases the marks remain unchanged, and there is only a rare chance of your marks getting decreased.