How can I improve my oztag?

How can I improve my oztag?

Tips for playing TAG rugby

  1. Tackle and defend. The TAGs are difficult to grab hold of.
  2. Running. The faster the ball carrier is moving, the harder the TAGs are to grab.
  3. Agility. TAG is excellent at developing agility and speed.
  4. Using space.
  5. Go forward.
  6. Get there.
  7. Ball skills.

How do you play oztag for beginners?

The Basics

  1. Oztag is a non-tackling version of rugby league.
  2. Defender must remove one or both tags to stop attacker’s progress.
  3. There is a marker in the play the ball.
  4. Defence must be back seven metres.
  5. Defensive line can move forward only when dummy half touches the ball.

What skills do you need for oztag?

Passing, catching, tagging, evasive and kicking are the skills utilised in OZTAG. It is played over two 20 minutes periods with eight players from each team on the field – 70m x 50m (half a soccer/Rugby field). The object of the game is to score tries.

Are there positions in oztag?

ATTACKER – Is a member of the attacking team. ATTACKING TEAM – Is the team who has possession of the ball. BALL CARRIER – Is a member of the attacking team who has possession of the ball. BALL PLAYER – Is the member of the attacking team who is imparting motion to the ball at the play-the-ball area with his/her foot.

What shoes do you wear for oztag?

Astro turf, touch football shoes (rubber soled), Joggers and Runners are acceptable. Players must wear approved OzTag shorts (Sporting Spectrum can order them in for you before the start of the competition!).

How long is an oztag game?

Games are 30 minutes 2 x 13 minute halves with a 2 minute half-time break. The extra 2 minutes are to allow for players to take and leave the field prior to and following their game. If a game starts late, the game time may be adjusted, with each half being a minimum of 10 minutes.

What is Oz tag?

Oztag is a non-tackling game, with eight players in each team and players wearing shorts or tights with a Velcro patch on each side, known as a tag. The object of the game is to score tries, with defenders preventing this by tagging the ball carrier, by removing at least one tag from the players shorts.

Why is oztag a good sport?

Oztag is a great way to participate in a team sport and enjoy the benefits of regular physical activity in a fun, social setting! Oztag is a non-contact variation of Rugby League where instead of tackling an opponent, you remove their tag from their shorts.